November 3, 2012

So, Halloween was nice

zipper face & Wednesday

I Kat Von D'd my mom all up, well her face but she did her outfit and hair.
It was really fun putting makeup on her. 

 Let's slap a bloody vag on that face...sorry couldn't resist, but really look at that shit. OMG.

my costume was last minute, I had planned going as a zombie hence the zombie lunch bag I made but when it came time to wake up at 5am to put the makeup on before work I just couldn't do it and since my outfits aren't totally off the mark when it comes to depressed little girls I thought hey why not? Wednseday Addams it is.

never want Halloween to end...


Messy said...

Your mom looks great! So does the umm...gross zipper face. LOL Si k dude sick...LOL jk!


Vapid Vixen said...

Yay! I was hoping for more pictures. All three of you looked awesome. I love how much you get into Halloween. Wish more people did.

kendahl said...

Tyrone looks freaking sick. Seriously rad though. And you made an adorable Wednesday! Your mom dressed all up as her chick crush, I love.