April 30, 2010

The term Plus-size Models should

The term Plus-size Models should retire. They should just be called models...or normal women?

My Usual Beverage Bar @ Work

April 29, 2010

You're killin' us SNOW!

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Last night's bummer game but cool pic.

I am loving lunch every day with the Hub!

April 28, 2010

The Weekend Before Last...

We went on a bike ride with Onslo & Daisy (my parents) down Provo Canyon and had such a good time soaking up the sun. I was a giddy little girl on my new bike. Thanks to my basket full of water and treats we were well prepared (Who wants to make fun of my basket now? Tyrone?)

infomercial of the day - check it out

Check this out.

Trending topic on twitter #Chaunceywhores...don't

Trending topic on twitter #Chaunceywhores...don't be so chauncey! It's not very becoming of you.


I need a little Amelie today.


Don't Buy Anything That Doesn't Stir Your Heart.
~ Time Gunn
I want to dance naked in those shoes!


Ear Muffs!

April 27, 2010

A little mud never hurt anyone

This weekend we spent time with family hanging out in Centerville. I'm not into venturing further north than downtown if I can help it but it wasn't too bad. We had a blast diggin in the jeep, checking out the sunset and watching other diggers get stuck on the wimpy hills. It was my nieces birthday so we had a little BBQ and birthday cake for her. I will post what I made for her later this week. It's pretty darn-tootin' cute! (That's the country in me)


Weekly Confessional

I can't do it "all".
I am not Wonder Woman.
as much as I wish I were…
She does have some pretty kick-ass accessories.

I can't work a full time job, keep my house clean & tidy, cook diner every night and keep my husband sexually satisfied during the week while at the same time managing an awesome blog and constantly keeping up on all of my DIY projects. And that entirely still doesn't leave room for any relationships with family & friends. Who needs that right? That's why we have the internet; to replace any unnecessary human interaction.


And those of you who "pretend' to do all of the above while at the same time raising four kids can KISS MY ARSE!


I start so many projects and NEVER finish them. I have a basket of unfinished things that I wish I could work on all day. I sit at work and think of all of the creative things I'd rather be doing. I even make list after list and try to organize my time but


Why? Because, I enjoy my life. At least I try to.




I do work a full-time job although I do not have any children, my days manage to stay full. If I don't clean our apartment it will NEVER get clean unless Ty gets sick of eating off of moldy dishes he'll finally break down and do a load.


I am totally not bitching about Ty not helping out; it's just a reality that I've come to accept for a few reasons but one in particular. If he doesn't nag me to clean & cook then I don't nag him to either. I get to sit on my ass after work & watch TV and do whatever project I feel like doing at the moment with out fear of him thinking I'm a "bad wife" (That phrase just ruffles my feathers and brought up a whole other topic I could go and on about but I will resist)


It leaves me with this thought; doesn't it seem that in our culture the expectations of women have grown increasingly (we are expected to be wonder women) and expectations of men have lowered? Maybe I'm wrong and I'm proud that women are more and more being thought of as equals but I think we are expected to do it ALL.


April 26, 2010

Best thing about working the

Best thing about working with the Hub so far is being able to prove that Crazy Cat Lady really does exist!

April 23, 2010

Zen-like Oatmeal Cookies

{they look like standard oatmeal but they're not}

Last night I made some cookies. I admit I am becoming a cookie addict lately so I decided to balance things out by adding some healthy stuff to the traditional oatmeal cookie. It's all really psychotic justification so that I don't slit my wrists in guilt after eating them. I took a basic oatmeal cookie recipe and added 1/4 cup more of brown sugar, flax seed, chopped almonds and pumpkin seeds. The are Dee-Li-cious!

Zen like Oatmeal Cookies - Preheat oven 375; bake for 8-9 minutes.

¾ salted real butter
1 ¼ c brown sugar
½ c granulated sugar
1 t baking powder
¼ t baking soda
2 eggs
1 t vanilla
1 ¾ c flour
2 c oatmeal
1/3 c flax seed
½ c salted & roasted pumpkins seeds
½ c chopped almonds

You know the drill; cream the wet stuff then mix in the dry stuff. If this is foreign to you get a cook book or meet my hero Google and try using it.

*My trick is to make sure all of the ingredients are really, really well mixed before I add the oatmeal, flax seeds, chopped almonds and pumpkin seeds. It's not really a trick but if you don't mix it well then you get a bunch of funky uneven cookies - we want consistency people! We're Americans dammit!

April 22, 2010

Bring Your Husband To Work Day Today

{the day before the end of our marriage}

So….today Tyrone came to work with me. It was “Bring Your Husband To Work Day” You didn’t know that?

Actually, he was hired on last week by my boss. I went against my better judgment (wink) and referred him. Why not? He did need a job and the opportunity was perfect timing.

I just couldn’t handle him not fully and truly understanding the pain I go through each day there. Misery loves company.

I can’t begin to tell you how many “looks” I get when people hear this.

“You’re going to work with your husband? I could NEVER work with my spouse.”

“I hope you enjoyed your marriage so far because from this point on it’s down hill for now.”

“Be prepared to sign divorce papers soon.”

That third one I threw in – no one actually said that to me but they might as well have.

I think we’ll be fine. Tyrone is my life’s balance and just maybe having him nearby me at the office will help me. You know, so that I don’t take the machete out of my bottom desk drawer and go Michael Bolton all over the whole office. (Yes I know he didn’t do anything close to that in the movie, but he should have. I can see it now – Office Space II, The Revenge of Michael Bolton - not the singer)

Oh, the stories that I’ll be able to write about now.

Last night we prepared ourselves by watching The Office on dvd since we will be the Jim & Pam (click on that link it's AWESOME) of our office now. Tyrone told me I am not allowed to call us Jim & Pam anymore because tonight on the new episode he saw them driving a Subaru - THAT'S ALL! A freaking car, but apparently the stupidest car in the entire universe. Sorry yuppies, my husband is a bit biased.

I wanted to celebrate and ring in our new working relationship (or the end of our relationship period) by getting cupcakes at So Cupcake not far from our house. I heard good things about them plus I love any chance I can get to substitute frosting for dinner. They weren't bad and believe me we had no problem finishing them but I've had better and for 10 bucks for FOUR little guys I wasn't too impressed. The best flavor we both agreed on was the banana one and next to that was the raspberry lemonade. Unimpressed with red velvet & cherry cheesecake. Now I'm a food critic! Aren't we all!!

April 21, 2010

Tomorrow Tyrone & I officially

Tomorrow Tyrone & I officially become the Jim & Pam of the office. Will post more soon.

I am very much loving

I am very much loving the rain today here in downtown SLC.

I think McDonald's Coke has

I think McDonald's Coke has crack in it.

Today is Administrative Professionals Day.

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. I would be excited except I work where I work so...yeah. Happy Day to Me from Me.

Playing Ketchup

Or catch up.

Our calendars the last few weeks have been jam packed full except that every day something that was suppose to happen would end up getting cancelled. But we were pretty good at finding things to replace them pretty quickly (unintentionally).

The week of the Muse concert was really busy. I went to a conference with my parents and some friends for Zija. They had Alli Vincent from the Biggest Loser (first female winner) speak and her mother was there with her (her mom sells Zija and is hilarious). They are quite a pair and I have to say I was pretty motivated after hearing them speak. Her tagline is Believe it. Be it. I am going to try and start embracing that idea. I don't watch that show, EVER, because I like to steer away from reality as much as possible. Plus, the last time I watched it I was sitting in my bed with a bowl clear FULL of vanilla ice cream with Nesquick sprinkled on top (don't mock it till you try it). Thanks Mom for taking me!

I did buy some candy cigarettes like I said I would.

I was finally able to make one dream a reality by buying a bike. Check out my new toy - isn't she a beauty? It's not purple and gold but the vanilla color will do just fine. It's a vintage inspired Schwinn beach cruiser. I so badly wanted to redo an old one (my parents even have two REALLY olds ones in their back yard) but Ty talked me out of it. By the time I redid one it would probably take me too much time and cost more than this new one did. So I broke and bought a brand new one. You want to feel like a kid again? Buy a bike and put a basket on it. I haven't had a bike since I was 10, no kidding, and ridding it has been pure JOY. Bliss. Nostalgic. And very Thug.

Another thing I did that reminded me of when I was a kid was I finally got a SLC library card. I can finally cross it off of my list. I am pretty stoked to finally use it.

The weekend before last was my little (actually freaking HUGE) brother's birthday. He has become quite the man and has the most adorable son. They also got a new dog (that makes two doggies for them) and four baby chicks. They have become a family of nine in less than a year. I wish them luck. On a side note, our extended family has become over ran with dogs.
Saturday was the bass player for S.T.T.'s birthday so they had a little jam session and we all hung out while they played. Good times.

{Colby and his awesome Worm moves}

Lately we've made some tasty dinners.

Played outside a bunch.

Have had the Sweat It Out mix-tape on repeat.

I have made a bunch of crafts and have finished a few of projects. (will post them soon)

We want to get a new dog - cross your fingers the perfect dog comes our way. We want a french bulldog but they are way too expensive (breeders should not be allowed to charge what they do for ANY dog). We really want to adopt one (or another boston terrier) that is two years or older. And YES this may be just a temporary substitute for a baby (of human decent) of our own but if you can tell me how to make this happen any quicker then please I WELCOME your suggestions.

Sunday we went on a bike ride with my parents down Provo canyon. Tyrone likes to fly down on his long board. I'll post more about this later. I got some fun pics.

Pretty sure I left out a lot.

Have a happy Wednesday! Only a few days left of the week.