April 9, 2010

Derek & Danielle - Adoption Highlight

I want to pause from my regular self-involved posts to highlight a couple that I’ve known for a few years now. They are starting the process of adoption and have asked friends and family to help spread the word.

I use to work with both Derek and Danielle at a well known bank in our state which is where we all met. I remember the day Danielle was hired distinctively. Derek was single at that time and always telling us his funny dating stories and like any single man was always on the look out. One day when Danielle came in for an interview with our boss and as she was leaving, I remember hearing our boss as she yelled over at the teller line towards us, “Hey Derek! I just hired your future wife.” No joke – those were her exact words. Well it wasn’t long before they started secretly dating and not much longer after that the word was out. You can guess it wasn't much longer they were married. Their story is one that so many young Utah County girls dream or are just plain jealous of. You can't write a more terribly cute story. He even wrote a song about here. Did I mention he is a musician too? Well, they have been married now for a few years and have been trying to have a baby with out much luck. I have faith that their adoption process will bring them the baby that was meant to be in their family.

Now you can see from this picture JUST how picture perfect these two towheaded, disgustingly beautiful people are. Wish them luck with me and keep them in your prayers. I know the feeling of wanting to have a baby and the longing to be a mother can be frustrating when it just isn’t going the way you plan.

You can reach them here at their blog. Go check it out! You just have to read what each of them wrote about each other it will make you throw up in your mouth a bit. Who doesn't enjoy a little vomit every now and then? No really it's adorable and I couldn't be happier for them and be more hopeful for them in their journey.

Please reach out to them if you have any information that may help. Thank You!


Jennikunz said...

what a cute couple! I wish them luck!

Danielle said...


You are too kind! Thanks so much for the wonderful spotlight on us. I threw-up a little in my mouth when I read it. ;) You're so great...it's really fun to hear your take on how we got together -- you got it just right, except you forgot to mention how we would disappear into the vault a couple times a day.

Thanks again. You are wonderful!



brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Danielle, that was way too funny. Totally cracked me up. Love you guys.