February 28, 2013

I work out.

I joined a gym. That's my big hypocritical confession. It's hypocritical because I've always ranted and cried about how much I hate them (still do) and how I would "never" join one. BUT it was pertinent. The time had come. Never say "never" kiddos.

I have thoughts while I'm there.

I think there needs to be spanks for your workout clothes, especially for the beginners. It would help with our anxiety and bashfulness.

Because, sucking in has become a pastime.

A few things I need to remember, bring a water bottle because the drinking fountain is gross.

Don't work out by the mirrors. 

Don't forget your iPod and get stuck working in front of the TV that is playing Fox News. Never. Again.

Don't use the paper seat protectors when you need to use the restroom after your workout. They WILL stick to your sweaty ass.

February 27, 2013

old metal cabinet

This past fall my dad brought home some old metal cabinets and if you know me you know I am obsessed with cabinets with working tiny drawers. I can't stand any chest or cabinet that appears to have a bunch of individual drawers and doesn't. I guess they would be called faux drawers that when you pull one of their handles it opens say four or them to reveal one larger drawers. I HATE THAT! I love old metal office supplies and stuff like that so these were a dream to get. One day when we get our own place I'll be able to use them and stuff all sorts of shit in them.

February 24, 2013

7 things

they always look better dead

1. My fingers have been so swollen lately. I blame my work keyboard. It might have something to do with my water intake and the fact that I despise drinking it. 
cutest little stinker

2. I've been thinking about buying a place to live in soon. That is if we can get approved.........Bwahahahahahahaha! I'M AFRAID!!!
3. The major slacking that has ensued by me in regards to my shop is sickening. 
His Majesty is a big brother now. I'll have to post pics soon although I was not able to get very good ones because it was just way too dark.

4. Our avocado tree is almost dead but I still have enough hope for it that I just can't start over yet. It was doing so well after we moved until I let it dry out a bit too much one week and then the dogs knocked it over during a pretty heated game of fetch. Since then it has not been the same. Also, I think I pruned it too much.
5. The Walking Dead is on tonight. I was worried about last week's episode for about the first 10 min because it totally dragged, plus I am so sick of Rick losing his mind he needs to get his shit together, anyways, it totally picked up and rocked again.
kick ass valentines day card from Kendahl (by Erin, etsy shop here)

6. The snow just needs to stop it.
7. This is the best thing I've seen in awhile. In honor of the oscars you have to watch it because it will be better than anything that show has to offer.

Bonus: I made egg rolls the other night and although it took a bit too long they ended up delicious.

Obviously this was more than 7 things but I've neglected blogging as well this week so I'm just catching up.

February 14, 2013

7 Things

1. I love that when I haven't talked to my brother in awhile when we do it's mostly about Katy Perry. I've been sending him the lyrics to 'Firework' randomly throughout the last few weeks to confuse and amuse him.

2. I'm over this valentines shit already.

3. I've been characteristically "into" the valentines spirit this year and now that the end of the day is near I regret it.

4. I'm ungrateful and mean because I speak my mind (most of the time). I accept that.

5. I watched the Grammys last Sunday with my family and it was fun. We always watch the award shows and pick apart everyone and everything about them. It's like a pastime for us.

6. Blah.

7. I need to paint, draw, write, something.

February 10, 2013

Faux Leather Gold Collar

I have made one of these gold collars before and I was proud of it at the time but honestly, I have to say it didn't work out too well. It was quite itchy. The glue and glitter made it really stiff and my neck would turn bright red after wearing it for just a few minutes. I still really wanted one so bad and I couldn't get it out of my head. In true brandy style I went out and found this perfectly thin, soft, faux leather and made another collar using it. I used a standard collar pattern that I pretty much just pulled out of my ass because it's not hard to do at all and I used gold snaps to keep it held around my sensitive neck. (I think that's what some might call a run-on sentence)
I wouldn't actually wear it with this tee if we're being honest. I didn't have the strength to put an outfit together for this post.

February 7, 2013

7 Things

1. I don't think it's cool to do something for someone else because of guilt. I never feel better after doing it. In fact, I feel worse usually because I know I was guilt-ed into it. I'm left resenting every party involved.

2. [some horrible passive aggressive comment about someone in my life that I can't mention on here]
3. I've been painting the last few weeks and it has been helping with my anxiety.

4. What is up with the weirdos who read their Kindles while they walk on the treadmill? I don't get it. What I meant to say is that I can't do it. I get reading on the the stationary bike, because that's the easiest thing to do at the gym, but walking on the treadmill is a different level. 
5. I wish we could pass notes in traffic during rush hour. You know, like you did in class back in grade school? Except, they wouldn't be the cutesy "check yes or no" love notes. To have the ability to reach my arm out of my car window and pass the car next to me a note that says: "Dear Asshole, You can try and pass me all you want but until you learn to turn your blinker on I'm not letting that happen. Love, the girl in the bright blue Mazda." I would need a large legal pad and several pens ready at hand at all times if this were an option.

6. There is a neat wall I walk by everyday downtown that I need to take more pictures of but this is just one find that I finally took one of. There are so many random items plastered on it.
7. I forgot to tell this story a few weeks back about Tyrone and a party we went to. It was a birthday party and Tyrone was the designated Car Bomb bar tender of which he also actively participated in. I think he had five car bombs, which, if you don't know what they are let me fill you in; You take a shot glass and poor half a shot of Jameson in it and then carefully pour Bailey's on top of that being careful not to mix the two. It should float on top of the Jameson. Pour a glass of beer, specifically Guinness, about half full. Then drop the shot glass in the beer glass and SHOOT that shit. I prefer my car bombs with out the Bailey's and Guinness. I don't like the way they taste at all but I will shoot Jameson like a champ.

Now that the learning portion of this story is over let me get back to the topic at hand, my husband and his drinking antics. After the spirits had their time to settle in Tyrone got a little more outgoing. I say 'a little' because generally when Ty drinks you can't tell if he is drunk or not. His mood doesn't change a whole lot. He is usually a positive, outgoing person. The total opposite of me. But tonight was a bit different which was pretty entertaining (for me). We found ourselves in the backyard for some reason or another and there was Ty standing in a gravel pit in the middle of a trampoline frame. Just the frame, no black stretchy canvas or whatever it's called. Trampoline frame minus the tramp. OK then. Picture him standing there pretending to jump. He says, "hey I wanna jump" so I provoke him and say, "Do a back flip!!" So he does a muthafuckin back flip. A BACK FLIP! He partially landed on his feet and knees which cut open his knee. We were all stunned and laughing so hard he natuarlly got inspired to do it again but wanted someone to film it this time. He was so excited to do it again and be on camera he didn't wait long enough for anyone to get their phone out and "video ready". I'm not sure anyone was reaching for their phones at that point but still another back flip had come and went so fast we were left examining his wounds in the den. He split open his pants and both knees were bloody. He didn't feel a thing until the next day and I've had to hear about ever since. He likes to reminisce over his "owies." You can imagine how sympathetic I am when he does it.

February 4, 2013

Stamp Art (if you can call it that)

I got a little crazy with the swiss cross stamp I made. I think Ms. Gaga looks better this way.

New Shop Banner

I am proud of it. I think I'll make new merch tags out of this too.

February 1, 2013

My Friday Night

7 Things

1. I bought hair dye 3 weeks ago and it is still sitting in the bag in my room. Why? Because I’m too busy or too lazy – pick one. Also, I have to do it in The Basement and I’m scared of the The Basement. And I need Tyrone to help me…whine, whine, whine.

2. The Walking Dead starts in about two weeks.

3. I’m so tired.

4. The traffic to my blog this month has doubled (so odd) but it's just all from google image search - no one is actually reading it except Kendahl and my mom and occasionally Frederick when he's in a pompous mood which then leads to him giving me the cold shoulder for the rest of the evening because I don't write about him enough. I don't write about anything as much as I want to lately, he just doesn't get it.

5. I love this picture.

6. I love when other bloggers like Erin, leave me a comment about a dream they had about me and it makes my ENTIRE WEEK. What is even better about her dreaming about me is that I've had a few dreams about her in the past which I've confessed too so now I don't feel too weird about mine.

7. I want some dark burgundy lipstick but I just know that if I wear it I'll look like every goth-slash-grunge girl in my junior high school who tried wearing it. Now, if I had platinum white hair and flawless skin I would rock that shit.

bonus: You know those little plastic animals they use to put in ice cream cones at drive-ins? I need a big bag of those. Taco Amigo in Pleasant Grove still does it but they get theirs from Sysco which I haven't figured how to do myself yet. I wish there was an easier way to get my hands on some. I've googled the shit out of it but I'm guessing I am not using the write search words.