February 28, 2013

I work out.

I joined a gym. That's my big hypocritical confession. It's hypocritical because I've always ranted and cried about how much I hate them (still do) and how I would "never" join one. BUT it was pertinent. The time had come. Never say "never" kiddos.

I have thoughts while I'm there.

I think there needs to be spanks for your workout clothes, especially for the beginners. It would help with our anxiety and bashfulness.

Because, sucking in has become a pastime.

A few things I need to remember, bring a water bottle because the drinking fountain is gross.

Don't work out by the mirrors. 

Don't forget your iPod and get stuck working in front of the TV that is playing Fox News. Never. Again.

Don't use the paper seat protectors when you need to use the restroom after your workout. They WILL stick to your sweaty ass.


kendahl said...

I hate the gym, too, but I love going to classes with people who know what the hell they are doing because I don't know what I'm doing, ever.

Anonymous said...

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Oh Honestly Erin said...

You are braver than I! There have been times when I have really strongly considered joining, but I'm so self-conscious.

For now, I am doing Weight Watchers and exercise programs like Bodies in Motion (from the 80s!!) and all the Jillian Michaels stuff because I am strangely attracted to her.

Good luck!