February 24, 2013

7 things

they always look better dead

1. My fingers have been so swollen lately. I blame my work keyboard. It might have something to do with my water intake and the fact that I despise drinking it. 
cutest little stinker

2. I've been thinking about buying a place to live in soon. That is if we can get approved.........Bwahahahahahahaha! I'M AFRAID!!!
3. The major slacking that has ensued by me in regards to my shop is sickening. 
His Majesty is a big brother now. I'll have to post pics soon although I was not able to get very good ones because it was just way too dark.

4. Our avocado tree is almost dead but I still have enough hope for it that I just can't start over yet. It was doing so well after we moved until I let it dry out a bit too much one week and then the dogs knocked it over during a pretty heated game of fetch. Since then it has not been the same. Also, I think I pruned it too much.
5. The Walking Dead is on tonight. I was worried about last week's episode for about the first 10 min because it totally dragged, plus I am so sick of Rick losing his mind he needs to get his shit together, anyways, it totally picked up and rocked again.
kick ass valentines day card from Kendahl (by Erin, etsy shop here)

6. The snow just needs to stop it.
7. This is the best thing I've seen in awhile. In honor of the oscars you have to watch it because it will be better than anything that show has to offer.

Bonus: I made egg rolls the other night and although it took a bit too long they ended up delicious.

Obviously this was more than 7 things but I've neglected blogging as well this week so I'm just catching up.


kendahl said...

That little girl, I don't know who she is, but she is cuuuuute!

Good luck with the house hunting. Buying a house is awesome and awful at the same time.

My avocado tree is dying because it needs more room and no one has soil right now so I can't move it to its new pot. Sad day.

Agreed about the snow. And way to go with the egg rolls!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Good luck with the house-buying! We want to hopefully start looking into that this year too and it is so overwhelming without even DOING anything. I have no idea where to even start. :/ Here's to both of us being homeowners really soon, though!

Now I want eggrolls -- those look amazing!

Jenni Royster said...

Ahhh... I'm the worst bff! I'm catching up on two years of blog. I love my galaxy 5!! Ps perfect pic of my baby!