November 30, 2010

The Answers - with commentary

photos taken by UGLYSHEEP

This was fun. I love how it turned out. I expected more questions from others but the ones we did get were fucking incredible. Thanks to everyone who participated AND for asking more than one question. (original post)

Angela asked:

How supportive are you of Brandy's blog/do you do anything to help her with it?
I support brandy with everything she does... hmmm looks like I'm helping her with it right now answering questions that little sneaky wife of mine

(He is pretty supportive - it's a given that he will give me shit for EVERYTHING initially but I do it anyways and he lives with it. I think he secretly loves the attention, I mean he's in a band for crying out loud)

Would you ever consider starting a blog?
not in a MILLION years.... but I change my mind on a second by second basis so who knows
(I think he'll do it someday. He's way funnier than I am.)

What's your favorite memory of a date that you've had with Brandy?
Favorite memory of a date er whatever.... going on a miserable hike in the dark...(on the way down) to ask that beautiful woman to marry me

(Giving a girl a heart attack right before you pop the question is a sure Yes)

Oh Honestly Erin asked:

I want to know the drummer question! (Is he currently in a band? If so, tell me more about that!)
YES I'm in a band... Small Town Trap (new website coming soon) with Lynn (from below) and singer Spencer. Its really a good time... when we play

(You can read more about it here if you so desire. I've pretty much blogged their entire journey. They are a temporary hiatus at the moment)

I also want to know: had he died from carbon monoxide poisoning, would he come back as a ghost to haunt you, and if so, what are some of the things he would do?
I would haunt the SHIT out of brandy if I HAD died from the CO poisoning.. I wasn't that fortunate though :P to Haunt her I would use tweezers and pull out all of her leg hairs one at a time because she wont let me do that now... ;) and I would whisper in her ear... "settle down".... cuz she hates that

(Here's to hoping I am first to go!)

Also, this one's for you - do you have any posts from when you guys got married? If so, I would love to read it!
We have a ton of them - you can read them by clicking on the wedding label/tag HERE! Which has just about every darn detail you can imagine minus the dirty stuff, unfortunately.

Kristen asked:

What are you favorite features Brandy? Least favorite? 
My favorite quality about my wife is her great butt.... least favorite.... her blogging about her husband...just kidding not sure on the dislikes.... maybe her junk hunting at the thrift store and filling our house up with the stuff. every time I come home I find some new trinket from the D.I. or Savers or Thrift town. (I LOVE YOU BRANDY)

(My ass. That's so stereotypical isn't it? I am thankful for it to be honest - him liking it, not my ass particularly)

What advice would you give to others with a significant other blogging?


Who is your favorite cartoon character (movie or TV)?
Homer J. Simpson

Lynn (bass player from STT) asked:

Is it true that black people can't swim?
I can effing swim Lynn.... THIS IS THE HUSBAND....LOL. They also can play Bass guitar really well.... ASS!!! Bahahahaha...

(The rhetoric between these band mates is stellar isn't it?)

Mother-in-law asked:

Ty what was the very first thought that ran threw your mind when you saw Brandy for the very first time in person?

(He put that so eloquently. It's funny because I purposely down played my attire and look when we met for the first time. I had been on a few bad dates before I met him so I had no hope for this one. I am glad I showed up to Starbucks that day though because I almost didn't. We followed up Starbucks with the classic movie Snakes on a Plane, haha!)

November 29, 2010

It's good to be back!

This week I kick off my guest post series...well let's hope it turns into a series. I have one scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 1st and one other that I just got yesterday. If you've contacted with an interest in guest posting email your post anytime at

How was everyone's Thanksgiving in the US? Ours was nice and relaxing for the most part. We both had the entire weekend off. It was near perfection; keyword near.

This weekend I was bitten by that nasty holiday spirit, but just a little nibble. I still refuse to listen to Christmas music. REFUSE! I've been lucky to avoid a lot of it at this point. I like it okay? I just don't like jumping into all of the Christmas hubbub so early on because by the time the day actually comes around I'm already sick of it. I want to enjoy the time for what it is and not be bombarded with all of the crap that is out there. I won't go off about how much Christmas bullshit is out there but I'll just say I think it's over saturated and has become complete nonsense.

I plan on posting pictures of the decor soon. It's not much but I love it.

We did buy some shiny black vinyl to make stockings out of. I'm pretty excited about that.

some Thanksgiving randomness

If any of you are interested you can check out my shopping guide I am also still having a sell in my shop on my holsters. I also added three new hair clips and one new necklace as well. Click on either picture to take you to your destination.

November 28, 2010

mini date

our lucky number since we were married on June 13th
We actually had a few mini dates this weekend since we both had the entire time off. I love him but I am ready to get back in to the grind of things.

These are some pics from lunch at Pei Wei on what we call Black and White Friday. We totally slept in this day and the went on a little junk hunt. I found some cool velvet pillows and a nice afghan for a Christmas gift. I also found some cool shoed too.

Today we took our holiday card photo. So glad to have that out of the way.

All pics were taken with my phone.
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Shop Update!

Click on each pic to take you to your destination!

3 new hair clips!

1 new jersey necklace!

November 26, 2010

Definite Turkey Hangover

Taking a blog break for the rest of the weekend. Will be back next week!
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Fridays with Frederick

Rockin a new cordoroy coat. It came with a set a reindeer ears but that Bitch will loose a limb if she tries to put them on me.

Happy Black and White Friday!
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November 25, 2010


I'm thankful that my husband let's me keep my area looking like this 24/7. I will have it cleaned up enough to take one picture before the end of the year in order to mark off one my four simple goals.

Happy Thanksgiving Bitches!!

November 24, 2010

I'm convinced my hair is a natural red hair dye repellent. I look like a skunk with a red stripe. These pics are deceiving. They brighten it up a ton. After three boxes I am going to leave it as is for a bit the try again later.
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Its partially red. The top half, to be exact. Will be battling it out again tonight with the lower half.
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Found another one
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I am very thankful for our FREE. FREE. FREE washer and dryer we got a few months back. And not just because I don't have to round up quarters or haul heavy baskets around but let's face it, I don't have to worry about my Target bras being stolen by the tranny eyeing my shit from across the laundromat.

November 23, 2010

quiche and eggnog

Made the quiche again that we had awhile back yet I added mushrooms this time. It was so good.
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blizzard on the way

it's funny that I bitched about the snow today because we actually get to leave work early to avoid a huge blizzard that is on it's way
but the conversations tomorrow will be entertaining nonetheless


I am thankful for Coffee

This package is my favorite kind and with lot of creamer it's perfect

Weekly Confessional

This is a rant/confession.

The big snow has finally fallen in UT. Now as much as I hate it I learn to deal with it for the next long, dark, wrist-cutting months. A lot of people who have grown up here hate it too and with that we get to hear everyone bitch about every time we get dumped on. I bitch, yes. But it's the ones who act surprised when it snows. "Like, OMG! Can you believe how much it snowed last night?"

Yes. We live in UT.

Have you never heard of the saying Greatest Snow on Earth - no? You were born here right? You're an adult who has driven and lived in this crap your entire life yet when it snows you act like God took a dump on your yard AND you have the audacity to be offended.

We had a good Fall this year. We actually had a Fall that lasted longer than a week; it was lovely. Now knowing that Winter usually follows Fall you would think that you would start to pull out the warmer clothes and accessories like gloves, scarves and boots. (Unless you're a Stepford Wife - you've been wearing UGGS all Summer long) Fall is sort of like the prepping season for Winter. It slowly begins to get colder in order to ease wimps like you into Winter. YOU KNOW IT'S COMING. STOP ACTING CAUGHT OFF GAURD WHEN IT SNOWS. BUY A FUCKING WINDOW SCRAPPER TOO!!! LEAVE WORK EARLY YOU IDIOT!! WATCH THE WEATHER ON YOUR FANCY SMART PHONE.

One more thing, could you FINALLY learn how to drive in the damn snow? It's not that hard you just have to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN! Pump your breaks! Do you know what I'm talking about? That means don't slam on your breaks when the roads are wet/slushy/snow-packed/icy. Follow those two rules and you will be fine unless a semi truck runs you off the road but let's face it if you're one of the slow ones I'm talking about you probably deserve it.


I'm getting ready to post the Ask Husband Anything answers but getting Tyrone to finalize his answers is a little difficult with as much as he works. It shouldn't be hard since he answered half of them in the comments and there wasn't a lot of questions to begin with (which is funny because it's the post with the most hits right now). I LOVE THE QUESTIONS WE DID GET. SERIOUSLY. If you still want to play you have time.

I have received one Guest Post so far and it's scheduled to make it's fantastic appearance on December 1st. It's a good one, I can't wait for you to read it. If you're still wanting to participate you have time. I'm thinking that I may have enough for about one a week for the month of December unless I get more - which is totally fine. If you would like to join the fun email me at

November 22, 2010

the night we were socialites

a birthday dinner

this one is my fav

an art show

some hipster love

all of the work is hand cut stencils done of photographs taken by the artist himself - UGLYSHEEP

on the stool - the artist
the one with the dopey look with drool dripping out of his mouth - the husband

If you want to know more about his work email me.

a holiday party and a free night at the Hilton

view from or room on the 18th floor
I felt very in-mature at this party

although they served packets of pop rocks which were right up my alley. they even put pop rocks on the cheesecake. shaddup!!

a peppermint martini with grey goose. yum! and totally complimentary!

Saturday night we spent the evening at Ty's sister's house eating hot-as-hell wings, drinking wine, and watching some UFC fights. I usually hate watching it but I had enough wine in me to enjoy the crap out of it.

Sunday I attempted taking my nephew's one year pictures but being as he hates me they didn't go over so well. I think I'll post the pics anyways for entertainment value. We did manage to get a decent family picture of my brother and his little family. 

Oh and I actually bought red hair dye. Now I just need to do it.