November 29, 2010

It's good to be back!

This week I kick off my guest post series...well let's hope it turns into a series. I have one scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 1st and one other that I just got yesterday. If you've contacted with an interest in guest posting email your post anytime at

How was everyone's Thanksgiving in the US? Ours was nice and relaxing for the most part. We both had the entire weekend off. It was near perfection; keyword near.

This weekend I was bitten by that nasty holiday spirit, but just a little nibble. I still refuse to listen to Christmas music. REFUSE! I've been lucky to avoid a lot of it at this point. I like it okay? I just don't like jumping into all of the Christmas hubbub so early on because by the time the day actually comes around I'm already sick of it. I want to enjoy the time for what it is and not be bombarded with all of the crap that is out there. I won't go off about how much Christmas bullshit is out there but I'll just say I think it's over saturated and has become complete nonsense.

I plan on posting pictures of the decor soon. It's not much but I love it.

We did buy some shiny black vinyl to make stockings out of. I'm pretty excited about that.

some Thanksgiving randomness

If any of you are interested you can check out my shopping guide I am also still having a sell in my shop on my holsters. I also added three new hair clips and one new necklace as well. Click on either picture to take you to your destination.

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