November 30, 2010

The Answers - with commentary

photos taken by UGLYSHEEP

This was fun. I love how it turned out. I expected more questions from others but the ones we did get were fucking incredible. Thanks to everyone who participated AND for asking more than one question. (original post)

Angela asked:

How supportive are you of Brandy's blog/do you do anything to help her with it?
I support brandy with everything she does... hmmm looks like I'm helping her with it right now answering questions that little sneaky wife of mine

(He is pretty supportive - it's a given that he will give me shit for EVERYTHING initially but I do it anyways and he lives with it. I think he secretly loves the attention, I mean he's in a band for crying out loud)

Would you ever consider starting a blog?
not in a MILLION years.... but I change my mind on a second by second basis so who knows
(I think he'll do it someday. He's way funnier than I am.)

What's your favorite memory of a date that you've had with Brandy?
Favorite memory of a date er whatever.... going on a miserable hike in the dark...(on the way down) to ask that beautiful woman to marry me

(Giving a girl a heart attack right before you pop the question is a sure Yes)

Oh Honestly Erin asked:

I want to know the drummer question! (Is he currently in a band? If so, tell me more about that!)
YES I'm in a band... Small Town Trap (new website coming soon) with Lynn (from below) and singer Spencer. Its really a good time... when we play

(You can read more about it here if you so desire. I've pretty much blogged their entire journey. They are a temporary hiatus at the moment)

I also want to know: had he died from carbon monoxide poisoning, would he come back as a ghost to haunt you, and if so, what are some of the things he would do?
I would haunt the SHIT out of brandy if I HAD died from the CO poisoning.. I wasn't that fortunate though :P to Haunt her I would use tweezers and pull out all of her leg hairs one at a time because she wont let me do that now... ;) and I would whisper in her ear... "settle down".... cuz she hates that

(Here's to hoping I am first to go!)

Also, this one's for you - do you have any posts from when you guys got married? If so, I would love to read it!
We have a ton of them - you can read them by clicking on the wedding label/tag HERE! Which has just about every darn detail you can imagine minus the dirty stuff, unfortunately.

Kristen asked:

What are you favorite features Brandy? Least favorite? 
My favorite quality about my wife is her great butt.... least favorite.... her blogging about her husband...just kidding not sure on the dislikes.... maybe her junk hunting at the thrift store and filling our house up with the stuff. every time I come home I find some new trinket from the D.I. or Savers or Thrift town. (I LOVE YOU BRANDY)

(My ass. That's so stereotypical isn't it? I am thankful for it to be honest - him liking it, not my ass particularly)

What advice would you give to others with a significant other blogging?


Who is your favorite cartoon character (movie or TV)?
Homer J. Simpson

Lynn (bass player from STT) asked:

Is it true that black people can't swim?
I can effing swim Lynn.... THIS IS THE HUSBAND....LOL. They also can play Bass guitar really well.... ASS!!! Bahahahaha...

(The rhetoric between these band mates is stellar isn't it?)

Mother-in-law asked:

Ty what was the very first thought that ran threw your mind when you saw Brandy for the very first time in person?

(He put that so eloquently. It's funny because I purposely down played my attire and look when we met for the first time. I had been on a few bad dates before I met him so I had no hope for this one. I am glad I showed up to Starbucks that day though because I almost didn't. We followed up Starbucks with the classic movie Snakes on a Plane, haha!)


Anika said...

This post is so damn sweet it's sick.

PS.You both make me smile.


Now you guys have a relationship that will stand the test of time! You can see it in every post!


Now you guys have a relationship that will stand the test of time! You can see it in every post!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I love you guys, and I'm glad you did this because as a newer reader, it was fun to get to know more about Ty from his own POV!

And durrr, I never thought to look for a wedding tag.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

It really is sick isn't it? haha Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. We have good and bad days just like everyone. Like, he tracked mud into the entire house today - I wanted to kill him.