November 4, 2010

Wordless - whenever the eff I feel like it

Listen. I'm not trying to bash on everyone else's Wordless Wednesdays. I just like to be a shit head and rebel against the norm. I am against blog rules and besides I've given myself my own blog schedule to follow that keeps me busy enough. I love seeing everyone's Wordless Wednesday posts because I love looking at the pictures people take or steal from others.

This has turned out to be pretty Word-full!

I've lost a few followers on here recently and it's hard not get paranoid about it even when I pretend I don't care. I CARE. I wouldn't write this blog or follow anyone else's or attempt to make friends in this strange atmosphere if I didn't.

Gawd. I must be ready to start my period.

I wanted to get a few shots during our autumn sunset tonight before it starts snowing here. They say it's going to happen soon. Boo! Plus, I was hanging out in the parking lot avoiding the little boys going door-to-door selling newspapers. I waited til they passed my place then went back inside. That may sound mean but it's better than me having to reject them to their prepubescent faces and mock them for not reading the "NO SOLICITATION" sign at the entrance to our apartment complex. See, I was saving them from me and my apparent PMS.

i took these with my phone

As I type this I am watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon hoping he picked my #voteforme hasthtag to read on air. I had a feeling he would. He didn't. Hormones def jacked right now.


Jennifer @ Muse Lodge said...

I like that you keeps me interested! Keep rebelling please!

VABookworm87 said...

I do WW, but that's usually for the totally random photos that have no real meaning, or are self explanatory... For anything that's too wordy, I made up my own day called Fotography Friday, where I post some photos with a small paragraph to go with each.

I don't usually worry about reader attrition, since I know a lot of people just follow for giveaway entries and then dip out when they don't win, but I sometimes worry about the lack of comments. Aside from the occasional post that seems to draw in comments, I rarely get them. It makes me worry sometimes that although people follow my blog, they don't actually read it... or if they do, they don't feel any of it is comment-worthy lol


awwwwwww mama don't trip on losing a few followers ...I have too! (but you won't lose me,... I hope that counts for something ;))

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Jennifer and Thunderkat! i don't plan on changing a thing!

Vabookworm i appreciate your feedback. I think you're right about the giveaway peeps. I won't sweat it anymore.