November 14, 2010

Date night Fright night

Tyrone has made an executive decision that Friday night is date night for us. So far they have been pretty nice.

This last Friday Tyrone decided he wanted to go to the Blue Lemon in Highland. I felt very Stepford Wife like going there so I got all dolled up as to fit in although I didn't straighten my hair and wear my best bedazzled jeans I did however have a cool bag and modest shirt on. A little bit of me always gets a little anxious going out in American Fork, Highland or Lehi, since I grew up there, I'm always worried I am going to run in to someone from high school. I got a call from Tyrone asking me to meet him at my parents house right as I walked in the door from work. I hesitated because I did not want to drive in rush hour traffic all of the way down there from where we live. It's going south bound on I15 and if you are from here you know it's a pain in the ass to do so especially during rush hour. I do however get a giggle at the Mod Bod billboard that is right at the top of the point of the mountain. The point of the mountain is the defining hill that separates the land of the righteous from those that have strayed away. We live in the Satan's territory if you had not guessed that already. The sign says something like you are now entering Mod Bod country/land or something like that. It makes me giggle because nothing could be far from the truth. Go ahead and click on the link if you don't know what Mod Bod attire is. This may stem from my hatred of tank tops with lace on the bottom of them. I'm pretty sure I'll get a shit load of flack for writing this but people don't com here for me to sugar coat things. After researching the Blue Lemon's site online I just now discovered that they have a location downtown in Salt Lake City; much closer to where I live. I mentioned the first time we went here was on my mom's birthday and all of us liked it a lot except my dad and brother. I'm glad Tyrone likes it. I like eating at different places and it is definitely not your usual fast food or Cafe Rio type of establishment. (Thank God!) It claims to be all natural and mostly local which is a bonus. We don't always seek shit out like this but when it falls in our lap it's a plus. Less effort on our part. Ha!

Tyrone got an awesome panini. We also ordered the butternut squash soup again and when we got it it was cold. We asked them if they could heat it up for us and the nice girl took it to the back for about FIFTEEN minutes and brought it back cold again. I was in a good mood or I would have complained again but I just decided to eat it anyways. After reading their site I found out they never microwave their food. So how did they supposedly warm it back up? Hmmm I would have actually preferred them to put it in microwave. While I waited for the soup I couldn't help but be annoyed at the Bitch sitting across form me. She had the most snooty sour puss face and every time the other girl at her table would say something she would be like "OMG I TOTALLY KNOW" and then roll her eyes. You could tell they were on a double date. Tyrone and I like to point out everyone who is on a date in the restaurant and try to listen to their conversations. Tyrone always says "I am so glad we are passed that stage and we can just sit here with out feeling like we have to talk to each other." And I always nod and smile in agreement. We are that old couple ALREADY. Haha!

I'm not even going to get into the lady that was sitting next to us who had an engagement ring on the size of her baby bump. NO SHIT I KID YOU NOT. It was ginormous. Or vagin-a-morous as Tyrone would say. I still get mesmerized by massive diamonds. Tyrone kept telling me to stop staring. But they were sitting very close to us and it was hard not to be distracted by it. Ladies,  it was an ice skating rink.

Okay, I think I've said more already than I planned on.

I'll leave you with this. They have some of the best damn cupcakes I've ever had. Seriously so good. I always get their lemon cupcake with an actual blue lemon on top. I'm salivating just sitting here talking about it.

We are so lame we ended the evening laying on my mom's migun bed and then going home and going to bed.
Tyrone's scar on his hand from the pressure washer at work. Dude thought he could quickly wash his gloves with a freaking pressure washer. Haha! I laugh at my husband's pain.

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Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I love the Blue Lemon. But it is very Stepford Wife-ish. Their sweet potato fries are good, but both times I've gone there they have been brought out to me cold. Maybe they have heat issues.