November 10, 2010

A cry for help - guest posts

I posted this on Twitter last night and at the time I was about 75% serious. But now that I have thought more about it I am 100% serious.

If anyone would like to do a guest post on this blog please email and let me know. I would not care what you wrote about it. It can be totally random, fashion related, DIY project, a recipe post or a full on ranting session. I don't care. Even if you want to swap guest posts we can do that too. I plan on posting them (if I get any takers) for the month of December or at least the first three weeks of the month.

I don't have a lot of traffic but I do have some faithful followers who are the best readers ever but are probably getting sick of my weekly routine. I get around 2,700 to 3,000 hits a month that could possibly help you get traffic back to your blog or website as well. Possibly. I'm not promising anything.

my email is  - contact me and we will set you up with a date!

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Jennikunz said...

Totally in!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

yeay! so excited!

Angela said...

Ok, I think I'm in...but in exchange for a guest post! I'll email you :)

The Bipolar Diva said...

you know, that's a great idea. I really hate December.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Gurl, you know I'm all in!

I've never guest-posted anywhere before so hopefully I don't screw it up.