April 29, 2011

Weekly Confessional - better late than never edition

So. We've been excited for the last two weeks for the new Fast Five (fast&furious) movie to come out tonight. We went and loved it. Tyrone is all about the cars and racing and wishes he still had his Evo. I went because of The Rock...uh hmmm..I mean Dwayne Johnson. We both left with drool soaked laps. I know that most critics hated it and most people will pretend to hate it because they think they should but it was just good fun and action packed. We had a nice night just escaping and relaxing AND yes we will go see the next one. Letty is back Beatrices!


*We came up with a fun hashtag to play too so if you follow us on Twitter stay tuned.
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April 28, 2011

layers and stares - today's threads

Yes, pretty noticeable stares today and quite obviously not the inviting kind. Today was odd. I did have a very nice walk on my lunch break.

Like the new purse? $2, thrifted Aldo. I dig it.

Going to bed early tonight because my glands are swollen and my throat hurts.

Don't forget to enter the Gibeaway! It ends on Sunday.
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Today's Post-It Note

Catch up on my Google Reader (1000+ unread) - or delete it all and start over :(
Shop Update - the laziness disgusts me
Wrangler trouser shorts
graphic chevron restyle
Birthday package
Mothers Day
Put Laundry away - because even tough @TronSTT says he'll do it on his day off HE WON'T
365 project - SLACKER!!
Mascarpone Cheese
Misfits - I must have the Misfits tee that Cee Lo was wearing last night on The Voice which I promised myself I wasn't going to watch since I'm already WAY too heavily involved in #Idol but did any way because this girl started singing Come As Your Are in this Florence + The Machine kind of like vibe that I couldn't walk away from and was left dreaming of his shirt. I want it so bad now.
Have you entered The Giveaway hosted by ME??!!!
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April 27, 2011

Inspiration - Street Art

Now this is Street Art

This use to look like this. I posted about this before here. Check out the post to see better pics of it up close. I loved how it looked but now it's so much more interesting.

and now - these taken the other morning by me before work on a sunny morning - it was perfect out

I love how they covered the entire wall
If you haven't entered the giveaway yet please do even if you have entered before. Tell your friends and help a chica out too!

Happy Hump Day - now go get your freak on!


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On a walk the other day and Tyrone says "What are you taking a picture of now?"
I just loved the texture on this tree

This counts because it was also taken with my phone; check this out some asshole did this to our neighbors house. Granted this place is a little creepy but they seem to keep to themselves so I don't understand why someone would tag the front of their effing house. Seriously? So rude. I'm all about street art but what these punk-ass-sons-a-bitches do to our neighborhood is NOT ART AT ALL. It's just like them pissing all over their so-called territory. Only problem is this pee is sort of permanent. All of the business in our area probably have to paint over tagging done to their property every other week and I'm not even exaggerating. 

We did get a glimpse of sunshine today which was nice while it lasted.
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April 26, 2011

Made This/Love This - Upcycled Levi's DIY

Recently I joined this site Made This/Love This started by one of my favorite fashion bloggers Adored Austin. I've been reading her blog for well over two years now and when I heard she started this I had to join. It's like, totally my bag baby ;)

The first project was to make a tee shirt scarf and since I've already made a bunch here and here I decided to enter (sort of cheated because I didn't make a new one). I entered the Rock Star Restyle scarf I did.

The second project is to upcycle a pair of jeans into some stylin' cutoffs. Not to keep bragging about myself, but what are blogs for? Am I right? I have a ton of experience in this too, having grown up in the eighties and nineties. I've cut many jeans off into shorts in my time.


Materials Needed:
old pair of jeans
sand paper
bleach or ble-otch of you're gangster

I took a pair of shorts that I already own to use as a template for how long I wanted them to be. I laid them on top of the jeans and cut both legs off. I pulled a few strings off from the edges to help speed up the fraying process. I took scissor and made a whole on each leg at random spots and took sand paper over both to help them fray and look aged. I took the sand paper to some of the seams and edges of the pockets to make them look aged as well. After I was finished with tearing them up I placed them in the sink and poured bleach all over them. Let them sit for a few hours, washed them and put them in the dryer. Done!




Styling them was fun. I was happy to pair them with the corduroy blazer I thrifted recently and my bright Grateful Dead tee that I purchased at Target (secret: I don't even like Grateful Dead - like not even a little bit - but the shirt was just cool looking to me). Accessories: thrifted leather fringe purse and favorite moccasins. You guys getting sick of seeing them yet?

If you try this DIY or join Made This/Love This let me know, I would love to see what you've done and/or befriend you on the site.

Peace out

April 25, 2011

DIY Hand Tooled Leather Cuffs + Giveaway - CLOSED!

I've sort of had a thing for leather, especially hand tooled leather and the art of it. I told you guys that my dad is teaching us how to do it. We have yet to have our full fledged family fun party yet since the first night we started. I want to make a purse and a wallet. I'm starting off with a bracelet or cuff. The other day I found a hand tooled leather belt at the thrift store but it was too small for me. I bought it anyway and decided to make my own cuffs out of it. All I needed was to borrow my dad's leather hole puncher and buy some snaps. Leave it to me to find a short -cut.
First I removed the hard ware off of it. Secondly I measured the cuff around my wrists to see where to cut it off and then cut it off with a steak knife. I used a steak knife because it had a sharp serrated edge that worked really well. I didn't have heavy duty scissors to do this. I sort of rounded out the edges of the belt by cutting off of the corners and filed down the rough edges with a sand paper block.
The last thing I needed to do was attach the snaps which was super easy and I just used the direction that came in the package. This is where the leather hole punch came in. The snaps that I bought also came with a setter which is needed as well to make sure the snaps attach properly.
I made three cuffs out of this belt and a silly little key chain. One of the cuffs I am keeping for myself, I'm putting one in the shop (the one with the silver snaps) and giving the other one away to a lucky reader of das blog.

This is where the giveaway portion begins. If you're interested in having one of your own hand tooled leather cuffs please leave a comment below and make sure you are following me publicly. You won't only get the cuff but a surprise little package of goodies as well. Nothing fancy just a few fun things.

Giveaway rules: CLOSED!
1. Leave a comment
2. Follow this blog

Good luck and thanks in advance for playing!

Ends May 1st - Open to the US & Canada

April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Story - The Chicks That Never Were

June 2010

One day they were there and the next they weren't. I think my brother and cousins spent a butt load of time putting a nice coupe together for them and then one day they were gone. They weren't even full grown yet. Many stories linger as to what really happened but no one really knows the truth.
They were cute while they lasted.

Fred is an avid bird hunter and that is no joke. He, of course, was not allowed in the coupe but stood right outside with that crazy blood thirst look in his eyes.

They love it when you pick them up. Ha!

April 22, 2011

Casual Fridays

Casual Fridays. The work week day I live for just like any other corporate cubicle mongrel.

This morning started off really well. I turned my car on and Led Zeppelin was playing on the radio, I got my favorite latte and even had time to take some pics of the city before I landed at work. I was proud of myself for doing all of that and still be on time. I plan on posting more of those pics next week.

Men's tee shirt from F21 (I thought it better suited a girl, like me)
Thrifted Sweater
Thrifted fringe leather purse
Gold Toms
My jeans are Sevens that Tyrone got for me FOREVER ago at a discount. I plan on wearing these till my ass rips out of them. I can't even think of the last time I paid full price for jeans. When we do decide to purchase new jeans we go to Nordstroms Rack (Tyrone even loves this place as much as I do).

Did you see my husband's His Attire post? I can't stop looking at them but I may be a little partial.

A-Z stuff you didn't want to know about me

Blog post thief! I stole this from little ms. butterbean or J from the blog The Bee's Knees who stole it from someone else. Apparently it's a popular item to steal. Don't tell Ms. Hoe-Han or Wynona or {insert any other kleptomaniac celebrity here}. If you haven't yet, check out the post she did on me on Tuesday.
A. Age:

B. Bed size:
Queen, not of the drag kind

C. Chore you dislike:
Folding Laundry & dishes. We have a high level of mold in our house.

D. Dogs:
Boston terrier - Frederick Biggie Franklin
(check out his weekly segment on the right-hand bar there)

E. Essential start to your day:
Coffee, no big surprise there and morning radio talk show

F. Favorite color:
. Although Turquoise may pass that up soon. I also love Gray and Black.

G. Gold or silver:
Instinctively I almost typed Silver but lately I love me some thugged out GOLD!

H. Height:
I stopped growing in 8th grade. I hit 5'3 in 7th grade and thought I was going to be tall.
It was a cruel joke.

I. Instruments you play(ED):
Air guitar, air drums, air lead singer (muh fav), air tambourine, air flute, air ukulele, air chello, air bass (which is essentially like air guitar), air whistler (some bands have whistlers), but I never do air keyboard that's just lame.

J. Job title:
Bounty Hunter. J-Crew Catalouge Burner. Space Cowgirl. Flame Thrower.
(all of which are much cooler than my real life title)

K. Kids:

L. Live:

M. Mom's name:

N. Nicknames:
Most referred to as Bubba. There are many extenstions that have acumulated from this.

O. Overnight hospital stays:
Almost pulled an over-nighter once when I drank a jug of vodka once. (yes I said jug - I have always been super classy)
That my friends is a funny story. Funny ha-ha or Funny Shoot-me-now-please? Both.

P. Pet peeves:
I also HATE unanswered texts and people (like my dad and brother) who instantly call you back after having text them.

Q. Quote from a movie:
'Bout a nine on the tension scale there, Reub." - Mark Rumsfield, The Burbs (1989)
pretty much love every line in this movie

R. Righty or Lefty:
I'm not a freak, of course I'm a Righty. (love you Ty & Mom; freaky Lefties)

S. Siblings:
1 brother, 2 SIL's, 1 BIL, and like 8 or 9 half-siblings I've never met.

T. Time you wake up:
this changes daily. usually after hitting the snooze three times

U. Underwear:
Yes? What are you asking here?

V. Vegetables you don't like:
Probably green beans. Whether or not they are from a can or the garden I still hate them. It's like chewing on praying mantis legs.

W. What makes you run late:
Tyrone. With out fail every time we walk out to leave some where he always has to walk back in to grab something else.

X. X-rays you've had:
This question could not be more UN-INTERESTING to me. I have had an x-ray of the insides of my organs once to check my premature kidney a long time ago. That was not a fun experience. They make you detox the night before and drink some gross shit to clean you out so that they can see inside you better. The whole time you're laying on the table while they're doing their thang you have to take a crap. It's the worst. How about that? I just made this question more interesting.
Please don't unfollow me now.

Y. Yummy food you make:
Zen-like Stuffed Onions, Garlic Guru Burgers, Zen-like Oatmeal Cookies + more
(check out the recipes over in the Eats section in the right-hand bar)

Z. Zoo Animal Favorites:
Probably the Gorilla or the giraffes
*Hope you all have a lovely Easter this weekend*

Fridays with Fred

Lame edition. I just have this photo to post of him.

I've been in this constant struggle with my to-do list lately. I've landed on giving it the big ole fuck you. Plus, Spring Pad has been down so that has thrown my anal side off a bit. And my allergies have been kicking my trash more than usual. We have a lot of family activities planned this weekend so that should all be fun. Hoping the Sun makes an appearance too.

I was able to take product shots (does that make me sound like a pro? LoL) so a shop update is coming soon. I want to thank everyone for liking The FB page. You guys rock!

Peace out Beatrices!
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