April 5, 2011

DIY dream catcher "inspired" feather necklace

This is sort of my Weekly Confessional for the week as well as a DIY post.
I HATE DREAM CATCHERS. But I love feathers. I couldn't get the image of a dream catcher out of my head so I needed to release it and this is what I came up with. It's like a therapeutic tool. Find something you hate and make a DIY project out of it and then you won't hate it so bad. You see my anger and hate for dream catchers has been growing inside me since elementary school. Especially in junior high school when being a wannabe hippie was the cool thing to do. If I ever saw a dream catcher hanging from someone's rear view mirror I grew instantly angry. I have no idea why. It's almost as bad as Tyrone's hate for the smell of patchouli.

With all that said, I do love how the necklace turned out. I hope you do too.

Supplies: wooden beads, strips of jersey (I cut mine from a tee shirt), feathers, wire, yarn, glue

Cut a piece wire about 9 inches in length

Wrap some yarn around the wire like I did on my misspelled wire yarn wrapped FRAEK ring. Adhere with a small amount of glue

While wrapping the yarn around the wire in desired locations glue feathers as equally spaced apart as you can

Fold each end of wire and form a circle

Attach the ends and pinch together at bent ends (or can glue them together)

Cut a piece of jersey to a desired length and stretch it out

Attach your feathered circle to the jersey and string on a couple of wooden beads

Tie the jersey at the ends with just enough room so that it fits around your head
{If your head is as big as mine you'll need a lot of room}

This was also inspired by my past art journal pages post
{gawd. i really want a fringed leather bag)

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Misty K. said...

I have never known of another person who hated dream catchers. In the 90's I lived in a small town in Oregon and it seemed every store carried dream catchers, every "artisian" made dream catchers, people gave them to my kids and I would find a way to not keep them. I couldn't say how I felt because it just sounded weird, like my hate for non-animated movies that have talking animals. I won't even allow them on in my house. If it's a cartoon fine, but I can't buy a pig and a goose talking about life problems. You have a very good idea, and this could also be incorporated into showing off other trinkets besides feathers, maybe small souveniers from a road trip or even like a "Homie" themed one for a kid. Good idea Brandy, and quick and easy too.