April 11, 2011

DIY Feather Earrings

We've got feathers coming out of our bums. The two other people in this household that aren't me are not very pleased about this. Tyrone's growing hatred for them increase daily. Frederick thinks they're treats and vaccums them up with his tongue but once they're literally sticking out of his bum he's not too fondue of them. They're pretty much all over the house. I have new boho clips ready to post to The Shop but since the weather has been bad the lighting has sucked and I haven't been able to take any. I can't stand when people take photos of the products and it's like all dark and yellow and you can tell it was taken on their kitchen table sitting next to a ketchup bottle.

This one's easy. Loop ready feathers and two fish hook earrings turn into very fashionable earrings in about 10 seconds flat. Okay maybe 10 minutes depending how easily you can open up a jump ring and attach it to the feathers.

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DIY Feather Necklace
(apparently all I can come up with lately are feather ideas)

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Illustrated Ink said...

Ha, ha - you are cracking me up about the feather hatred in your home (poor Frederick)! The earrings are super fun, though!