April 4, 2011

Yesterday & Saturday (quite wordy, no pictures)

Yesterday I hung-out with an actual LIVING human being that I am not related to by law, marriage or blood. It was so nice to have a semi-adult (she is as young at heart as I am) with someone my own age. I had the sweet opportunity to catch up with my old friend Breezy and her beautiful 10 year old daughter, Jaden. Yes, I said 10 year old. Someone my age has a ten year old. That is still sort of hard for me to swallow sometimes. People my age even have soon-to-be 14 year old children who are TALLER than I am (my nephew; his parents are my same age). I don't even try and choke that one down and continue to live happily in delusion.
I had not seen Breezy in around 8 or so years. She did the smart thing and moved away to Montana when she could. I was always the person growing up that said I would be the one to move away from Utah but it turns out I'm not. I'm still here (most days). She mentioned that once in one of our many email conversations saying something about how she can't believe I am still living here and that she always thought I would be the one to move far away. It turns out I don't think I ever want to move out of this state believe it or not. Moving to a different county other than the one I grew up in suited me just fine but as for the future who knows what is in store. If we ever had the opportunity (depending on where it was) I would move - but I would come back in the end. That is unless I was eaten by a gator before that could happen. (apparently I envision us moving to Florida when I day dream)
It was so lovely seeing the incredible relationship her and her daughter have and was even more refreshing to see that she was still the same Breezy I always knew. I had a fun time just chatting away and catching up and I will miss her again when she goes back home to the elk, bears, and bison.
(Love you Breezy!!)
We've had Invictus in our Netflix que for some time now and it finally arrived Friday. I shouldn't say finally because I'm not sure how excited I was to see it but I heard it was good so I wanted to eventually watch it. We tried watching it last night and I couldn't get in to it. In Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon's defense I was tired and it was late when we started it but MAN-O-MAN was it slow. I gave in to my slumber and drifted off to dream about bright red shorts. You think I might be kidding but I am not. I dreamt that I tried on hundreds of different kinds of red shorts but I couldn't button up a single pair. It was like one of those times when I've gone shopping when I've been PMS-ing and nothing fits me and it just makes my emotional state even worse so I go home and end up eating an entire half gallon of vanilla ice cream covered with Nesquick. (all true)
Saturday it got up to 75 degrees and Tyrone and I helped my parents move some crap around in their backyard. They've had this spring-cleaning-family-fun-activity going on for a few weeks now. I dressed inappropriately on purpose in hopes to avoid having to move any crap around (see post below). Usually you just stand around waiting for Onslo (my dad) to tell you what to do which usually ends up with you just standing around picking your nose because if you accidentally pick up the wrong broken piece of metal crap you'll start a fight. So, you just stand there and wait for the direction that never comes because you have to have The ESP to work with Onslo. You'll be standing there staring at one thing waiting for him to decide if he wants to move it and then with out warning you're left in the dust still staring at some pile of flat tires and he's off on to another pile of used hoses and old wagon pieces.
If you're getting some sort of mental note of what their backyard looks like I'd like to hear about it. I hope I'm painting a rather befuddling mental picture.
So, my plan of not actually helping out didn't pan out the way I had hoped. Onslo had taken us to lunch before the family fun was to begin and so my charming little brother jumped at the opportunity to guilt-trip me into helping by saying, "you know he did just buy you lunch". Fucker.
With all that said I did end up standing on top of an old wagon with giant clippers cutting down tree branches in my sun dress. I may kid a lot about being a cutter but after this tiny adventure my arms and legs were left looking like it was in deed all true. But that's what family peer pressure will do to you. (which is also true for why some people become cutters)
To be fair, the pressure does turn out not to feel so much as pressure as good old-fashioned family-fun.
Incidentally, I was not able to post a spectacular, mind-blowing shop update which was my plan on Friday evening for the weekend. With the family-fun, the face-to-face with an actual human being, and utterly psychotic weather we had it was near impossible to accomplish and just decided to go-with-the-flow.
I'll leave you with this. It made me chuckle.
Peace out Beatrices!
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Jennikunz said...

Oh Breezy! Glad to hear she is doing well!! Yes yes, we old foggies have OLD kids. GULP. I don't feel old though!
p.s. I'm sure the gift has not lost it's charm! I havent seen you since BEFORE christmas (that is the lamest thing I have ever said out loud.) I miss you, and love you... FER REAL!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

You're not old Jennifkunz and GAWD you have a kid that's older than 10 too!! It's still hard to be! Miss and love you for realz babe! This is gift is going to end up at your house soon - I promise!!!

mommy said...

wheres the pix of you standing on top of the wagon