April 28, 2011

Today's Post-It Note

Catch up on my Google Reader (1000+ unread) - or delete it all and start over :(
Shop Update - the laziness disgusts me
Wrangler trouser shorts
graphic chevron restyle
Birthday package
Mothers Day
Put Laundry away - because even tough @TronSTT says he'll do it on his day off HE WON'T
365 project - SLACKER!!
Mascarpone Cheese
Misfits - I must have the Misfits tee that Cee Lo was wearing last night on The Voice which I promised myself I wasn't going to watch since I'm already WAY too heavily involved in #Idol but did any way because this girl started singing Come As Your Are in this Florence + The Machine kind of like vibe that I couldn't walk away from and was left dreaming of his shirt. I want it so bad now.
Have you entered The Giveaway hosted by ME??!!!
Do it! - scroll down - it was announced on Monday

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