April 18, 2011

DIY: Affable Moss Covered Wreath

I wanted something different on my door for the warm months. And why not a warm welcome for any visitors that may happen to stop by? I thought it might be better than our usual sacrificial lamb. I kid! I kid! I always try and switch it up but since December I haven't taken down the holiday wreathe. 

Try your own with some cardboard, wire (or a wire hanger), hot glue, some sheet moss from the craft store (I prefer Hobby Lobby) and a little imagination.


This is what it looks like on our door.
I didn't get a very nice pic of it because our hallway is always dark.

I like it better next to the cherry blossom anyways.

Small Update: I've actually been working on a few DIY projects. I want to do a giveaway with one of them and I am still working on The Shop update. I have new boho clips to add and some killer earrings. The WEATHER IS KILLING ME SLOWLY. Being that I only have a point and shoot camera I NEED the natural light and the sun is sort of a big factor in that. Also, Please go check out The Bee's Knees for a cool post. Do it!

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Kristen said...

Awesome! I love it!

Anika said...

love it!

yo bitchy old mama said...

i freakin lv it!!!!