June 27, 2012

The Reunion (with possible multiple parts)

Reunion Planning Committee Meeting Class of 1997


I've had this ball of encumbrance orbiting around inside the galaxy of my stomach ever since I received a Facebook message from my BFF last week. It's the message I've been dreading for about five years now ever since she told me she volunteered to plan our 15 year high school reunion and that I had to help her with it. She apparently came back from our 10 year reunion pumped just enough to commit to something so barmy. A few months or more back, there was a glimpse of hope that this 15 year mark fiesta wouldn't actually happen but alas here I am anxious about having to attend a planning party for it tomorrow evening. F*$@!


What I love and adore about my BFF is that she sent this committee planning message and just copied a group of people on it that never even volunteered (some had previously done so) and told them they were all stuck helping out. This is why I love her. It was quite amusing seeing some of the responses. Of course a few bailed out as quick as they could. I'm not about to let her down so I'm sticking around to help if not for anything else but the pure entertainment benefit I will gain from the experience.


I wasn't the most involved high school teen so the fact that I'm even on this committee is humorous enough in itself. My BFF, Jenni, is just about the only person from our graduating class that I even talk to. The people I have kept in touch with didn't even end up graduating with us for various deep personal adolescent reasons. I didn't excel academically and I sloughed class so much in fact that I had to start having my teachers sign a paper that proved I went to class every time (my parents doing) My senior year I only went half of the time because I had enough credits to graduate early but didn't because my friends talked me into staying the whole year. I worked when I didn't have school and attended a lot of fine arts activities with my traveling mime group. Graduation day was so long and boring with about 800 students to wait through and afterwards I didn't even get any time with my friends to relish in, even just for a little bit. I knew right then I should have graduated early and that I didn't want anything to do with that school really ever again. We went our separate ways as quick as life flies right by us. It was quite sad now that I think about it.


If I'm being completely transparent I've almost talked myself into looking forward to the reunion. Almost. I need to get through this meeting first. It went from being a quick and easy planning meeting to a rent-a-pavilion-and-bring-your-own-meat kind of meeting. I hope these ex-classmates have a lot of good ideas that don't involve any damn kiddie games. All I can think of to do is that we should play music from the nineties. I'm blank on all other ideas. I didn't go to our 10 year so I'm not sure how these things are supposed to work other than what I've learned from watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.


We'll see how this goes. I'm off to Google "good ideas for reunions"

June 20, 2012

In My Brain

After looking at my blog lately I realize I sort of lied (which I knew would happen) when I said that my posting would be infrequent and not as regular this Summer but then here I am posting like a mad woman. Have time off helped schedule some things for this week so it become true in the next few weeks or so. Who knows?

That M83 midnight city song makes me want to drive on the highway really, really fast which is funny because it's a pretty mellow jam.

I ate sun dried toemAHtoes recently and didn't gag.

I've been doing a lot of sewing and finally finished a shirt I made from scratch and with out a pattern. It turned out okay. It's not perfect but I'm still learning. I can almost sew a straight line now. I also made some accent pillows and restyled an old 80's wedding dress that I'm excited to wear.

I go in phases between staying caught up on Twitter (which in retrospect sounds completely ridiculous) and the blogs I follow. Some days I'd rather read tweets and some days I'd rather read blogs but I rarely do both unless I'm feeling extra ambitious. One of the reasons I deleted my Pinterest account I just can't add another thing to keep up on. Plus, they sort of bug me and I feel like it's become like FB in a weird way. I'd rather get my inspiration from the blogs that I read which sometimes is from the actual source anyways. I don't keep up on my tumblr blogs anymore either although I still like reading those. It's just too much and I feel overwhelmed when I go on Pinterest so I cut it out of my life in order to feel more sane. I kind of feel like Pinterest is the new popular chick in town who I instantly hate but feel pressured to pretend that I like her just to make it in life and I wonder to myself, "Why is this Bitch so popular? She's fake and self-centered and I just know those aren't her real boobs."

I've added more stuff to The Shop lately. I've slowly been adding things hear and there. I have these big plans to do all sorts of major updates but it never ends up the way I plan. I'm not a huge fan of my plans changing. I'm OK with change, I actually like it, but I need time to adjust to it sometimes more time than others.

I had all of last week off and it was lovely although I still suffered a bit of anxiety because I wasn't doing my "usual" routine. Don't get me wrong I did not prefer to be at work but I get mixed up inside when my routine is thrown off. As much as I like to sit on the couch doing nothing for hours I'm not always left feeling content doing it unless I'm sick.

On Fathers Day my parents had a big family party and made us all take this personality test to see what our "spirit animal" was or something completely different than that. Well it turns out I'm like a lion which is what my dad is and it's funny because I don't think we're really that much a like except for the cold-blooded and insensitive to others part. My second score was the golden retriever which perfectly describes my libra personality. I can be brutal and warm all at the same time.

I recently updated my usual playlist and it has left me very happy. I sometimes put off listening to new music or downloading songs I'm loving at the moment because I get caught up with my daily routine and forget and I hate the way it leaves me feeling. I love music it's a big part of my life and I need to be more proactive at keeping it that way. It's so sad to admit that as an adult. I never want to be that adult that is stuck in a rut with music.

Speaking of music, I've been thinking that Ty and I are in need of a show. I haven't stood in a group of sweaty people, jumping up and down and screaming in sync in quite awhile. It's therapy.

Peace out Beatrices!

Happy Wednesday! (my least favorite day of all)

geometric mani

I used that tape method that's all the rage right now for this. It can be easy but I messed this one up a bit. The triangles are not laid out they way I had it planned in my head but that's cool.

June 19, 2012

Circle in the Sand...{DIY}

Muumuu Restyle

There are a ton of island style muumuus at the DI by my house. I mean a ton of them but they're all usually huge and not always vintage. I love them all though, and I would wear them everyday if I could get away with it. I don't however like how long they are. I found this one in a bright print that I couldn't pass up and decide to take the plunge and alter it it fit my body. I was a little worried because I had recently screwed up a really cute vintage dress by cutting it up way too much and I completely ruined it. I think I pictured it in a junk hunt post a long time ago and then never mentioned it again. I was sad that I killed such a cute dress but I got over it pretty quickly.

(a video to get you in the mood)

Are you feeling it?

This was fairly easy to alter. In short, I basically cut open the hem down each side of the dress from the armpit to the bottom hem, took it in a few inches with pins and re-sewed it back up each side. I finished it off by sewing a new bottom hem. It's pretty short. I wanted short but maybe not this short. I'll deal with it though because I really like it and think it will work out well for the hot weather. It will even look good with some colorful leggings in the fall and then I really won't have to worry about showing off my kooch to the world. This is when being short comes in handy we can get away with shorter shorts and skirts with out looking too scandalous. 

(these before pics are from my phone and really don't show just how big it was before but it's all I took so deal with it)


{shoes - thrifted, jersey necklace - DIY (similar here), shell necklace - thrifted, purse - thirfted, hand tooled leather wallet - thrifted}

similar diy

Weekly Confessional

what the top of my dresser always looks like

June 15, 2012

DIY Neon Art + Mantle Update

I updated the mantle again because I can't ever just keep it one way. It's not a major overhaul I just gave it a little pick-me-up.

DIY neon art #1 - This is an old pic of us that I printed off in black & white on regular printer paper. I glued it on a small piece of teal painted cardboard and added the neon yellow triangles after the glue had dried.

DIY Neon art #2 - I painted another piece of cardboard neon yellow, wrapped some neon pink line around it and held it in place with some gold duct tape. It was too easy. The vintage hanging tine letter F is from this shop. It's really small only a couple of inches. I'm starting to collect letter F's now. I have a larger brass one as well but it didn't make it in time for this very important photo shoot.

#3 - don't ask - I pulled this one out of my ass and I'm not sure if it will stay like this

Heart Fart print & Merry Always Did Want to be a Unicorn print are from this shop by the talented Erin of Oh Honestly Erin.

The silk screened print of the boston head with antlers is from Stuff You'll Love.

 Blue vintage Ball jars were thrifted as well as the ceramic dog.

June 13th, 2012 = 3 Years

came home to flowers the night before
3 years of marriage have rolled on by; some days it's a bit bumpy and some days it's smooth. Some have been harder than others just as life goes but with out this man's positive daily outlook I'd be bleeding from the ears on a constant basis. Overall he makes me laugh more than he annoys me and that is important to me.

I love him.

Wednesday we spent the entire day together. I left my phone home all day and it felt so good to do so which is why this post is laden with crappy pics. I didn't even take our camera. We got up early and went to see the new snow white movie (i loved it) and then ate a burger when it was over. After lunch we drove to raging waters (although it's actually seven peaks now but Ty refuses to call it that) to redeem our pass of all passes and ended up spending a few hours there on the water slides that is until Ty was kicked off for getting too much air (which is against the rules) by a teenage life guard who was scared to kick him off in the first place (I overheard his conversation with another life guard before he talked to Ty; I was in line for another slide watching it all go down which was kind of funny.) We ended up at home for a few hours before we decided to get cheap take out and sit on the couch for the rest of the evening. It was fun and easy going just like the two of us.

we made Italian sodas too - our new favorite thing
the night before we had rice krispies for dinner

June 14, 2012

Because it's Flag Day!

Let it Fly!

Junk Hunt - Halloween Edition

Because it's not too early to begin preparing for Halloween. 
can't wait to display these creepy pictures

found this great orange & black afghan blanket

I got a bunch of packages of doll heads that I can't wait to use. I have few things planned for The Shop with them that I can't wait to do and share.

June 13, 2012

The 3 Year Mark

Today is our 3 year anniversary!
This pic is of us at our friends art show 3 years ago when we had just come home from our honeymoon.

Botched Bleach Job - Tee Shirt DIY

Found this tee at the thrift store, it's really soft cotton and perfect for a botched bleach job. Bleaching shit is sure fun stuff. This is similar to the galaxy tee I did but with just bleach and only a little bit of blue dye. I wanted a bit more of a bleached worn look than just another galaxy style. I have to say that I actually cut the neck off of this the first day I wore it because my double chins like to breathe.
1. old tee
2. bottle of bleach - squirt all over the shirt in desired areas
3. soak in a bowl of cool water with a small amount of laundry detergent (this helps sets the bleach so that it won't fade or bleed when you wash it later with other articles of clothing and it also helps not having it stank of bleach for days.)
4. rinse well and let dry

Easy DIY for a quick, casual Summer outfit.

June 12, 2012

DIY Studded Coach Bag

I found this soft leather Coach bag at the thrift store recently for $1. I could be a fake but I'm not really concerned about that. It is real leather which is all I cared about.

studs - round & pyramid
old leather purse
a poker to help push the studs through
I measured acrossed the purse equal distances for each stud. This is going above and beyond for me because I rarely measure.
pliers to close each stud

I pulled out the lining of the bag while I added the studs because I didn't want them through the lining because I was worried it would rip it. After I was finished adding the studs I just shoved the lining back in. 

(crappy phone pic)


new trail & first hike of the season

It's been well over a year since out last hike so we have vowed to hike much more this Summer. I didn't take my camera because I had not charged it so I just took a few shots with my phone. It's so green right now up in the canyon, the heat hasn't killed it all yet. It was breezy which is perfect for hiking but we couldn't go on our usual route because they haven't opened up the road yet for the Summer. We found a new, easier trail which turned out to be good since we were all feeling quite out-of-shape. Frederick was beyond excited except the few times two other dogs tried to attack him and once one actually did. He is fine but all of those dogs were off their leashes which is what the main problem was really. Up Millcreek canyon you can take your dog up there and even leave them off of their leash on odd numbered days, well Sunday was the 10th and even though I'm not much of a mathematical wizard I'm pretty sure that the number ten is an even number. Some people just don't use common sense and have no regard for others. You can have the nicest dog in the world but sometimes you never know what they're going to do when they're around another dog. You can't completely control them as much as you would like to unless they're on a leash. It's no surprise that these others dogs were big dogs and two of them were pit bulls. I don't blame the breed - I blame the human responsible for them. (rant over)