June 12, 2012

DIY Studded Coach Bag

I found this soft leather Coach bag at the thrift store recently for $1. I could be a fake but I'm not really concerned about that. It is real leather which is all I cared about.

studs - round & pyramid
old leather purse
a poker to help push the studs through
I measured acrossed the purse equal distances for each stud. This is going above and beyond for me because I rarely measure.
pliers to close each stud

I pulled out the lining of the bag while I added the studs because I didn't want them through the lining because I was worried it would rip it. After I was finished adding the studs I just shoved the lining back in. 

(crappy phone pic)


1 comment:

kendahl said...

I love it. It was so boring before but now it rocks!