June 27, 2012

The Reunion (with possible multiple parts)

Reunion Planning Committee Meeting Class of 1997


I've had this ball of encumbrance orbiting around inside the galaxy of my stomach ever since I received a Facebook message from my BFF last week. It's the message I've been dreading for about five years now ever since she told me she volunteered to plan our 15 year high school reunion and that I had to help her with it. She apparently came back from our 10 year reunion pumped just enough to commit to something so barmy. A few months or more back, there was a glimpse of hope that this 15 year mark fiesta wouldn't actually happen but alas here I am anxious about having to attend a planning party for it tomorrow evening. F*$@!


What I love and adore about my BFF is that she sent this committee planning message and just copied a group of people on it that never even volunteered (some had previously done so) and told them they were all stuck helping out. This is why I love her. It was quite amusing seeing some of the responses. Of course a few bailed out as quick as they could. I'm not about to let her down so I'm sticking around to help if not for anything else but the pure entertainment benefit I will gain from the experience.


I wasn't the most involved high school teen so the fact that I'm even on this committee is humorous enough in itself. My BFF, Jenni, is just about the only person from our graduating class that I even talk to. The people I have kept in touch with didn't even end up graduating with us for various deep personal adolescent reasons. I didn't excel academically and I sloughed class so much in fact that I had to start having my teachers sign a paper that proved I went to class every time (my parents doing) My senior year I only went half of the time because I had enough credits to graduate early but didn't because my friends talked me into staying the whole year. I worked when I didn't have school and attended a lot of fine arts activities with my traveling mime group. Graduation day was so long and boring with about 800 students to wait through and afterwards I didn't even get any time with my friends to relish in, even just for a little bit. I knew right then I should have graduated early and that I didn't want anything to do with that school really ever again. We went our separate ways as quick as life flies right by us. It was quite sad now that I think about it.


If I'm being completely transparent I've almost talked myself into looking forward to the reunion. Almost. I need to get through this meeting first. It went from being a quick and easy planning meeting to a rent-a-pavilion-and-bring-your-own-meat kind of meeting. I hope these ex-classmates have a lot of good ideas that don't involve any damn kiddie games. All I can think of to do is that we should play music from the nineties. I'm blank on all other ideas. I didn't go to our 10 year so I'm not sure how these things are supposed to work other than what I've learned from watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.


We'll see how this goes. I'm off to Google "good ideas for reunions"

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kendahl said...

Good luck! We either don't do reunions for my graduating class, or I've (luckily) managed to escape invitation. I hated that place.