June 12, 2012

new trail & first hike of the season

It's been well over a year since out last hike so we have vowed to hike much more this Summer. I didn't take my camera because I had not charged it so I just took a few shots with my phone. It's so green right now up in the canyon, the heat hasn't killed it all yet. It was breezy which is perfect for hiking but we couldn't go on our usual route because they haven't opened up the road yet for the Summer. We found a new, easier trail which turned out to be good since we were all feeling quite out-of-shape. Frederick was beyond excited except the few times two other dogs tried to attack him and once one actually did. He is fine but all of those dogs were off their leashes which is what the main problem was really. Up Millcreek canyon you can take your dog up there and even leave them off of their leash on odd numbered days, well Sunday was the 10th and even though I'm not much of a mathematical wizard I'm pretty sure that the number ten is an even number. Some people just don't use common sense and have no regard for others. You can have the nicest dog in the world but sometimes you never know what they're going to do when they're around another dog. You can't completely control them as much as you would like to unless they're on a leash. It's no surprise that these others dogs were big dogs and two of them were pit bulls. I don't blame the breed - I blame the human responsible for them. (rant over)

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kendahl said...

You're a champ. I freaking hate hiking. It's so much easier to go up the mountains on a 4-wheeler! I really love that garbage service sign though. I kinda want one for my house.