January 25, 2014

2014 Monthly Selfie - January

One new thing I am going to do this year is post one selfie each month for 2014. 

as i grow older my hair grows curlier

no makeup heavily edited

This morning.

January 17, 2014


7 Things

1. Funny story - My mom and dad asked me recently if I noticed that my Netflix recommendations were looking odd. I let them use our account because they actually watch it more than I do and they never have and will never have cable. While I was thinking about the question I could see my dad beaming like a sneaky little sunbeam waiting for my reaction. My response probably didn't satisfy him completely because I responded that I had but didn't act as bothered as I guess I should have been. My mom said my dad has made a fun game out of undoing all of my show ratings. He goes in and gives bad ratings to movies that I had already said I enjoyed and has been giving good ratings on lame-ass documentaries about weed and prisons.

2. I've been watching The Mind of a Chef - I think it's my new favorite show. I adore PBS. Season 1 is on Netflix - if you love Ramen go watch it!

3. I'm thankful for Twitter. With out it, I would not have been able to "watch" the Golden Globes with out actually watching it. Tyrone forced me to be social Sunday night and although it turned out to be rather enjoyable I really didn't want to go. I had plans. I do not like it when plans change or fuck-up me being able to watch my stories.

I wonder why I don't have many friends?

4. My Christmas tree is still up.

5. I really wished that I only worked from 8-1 M-Thur. That would be so perfect! I'll be daydreaming about this all week.

6. I'm ready for warm weather, although, I do want to go tubing or snow boarding just once this Winter.

7. It's Friday and I've been writing this post all week.

January 10, 2014

A few of my favorite things

(How many blog posts are out there with that same title? I bet a billion-gazillion)

A few of my favorite things.

I love sharpening pencils, especially with an electric sharpener. Remember those manual ones that were screwed to a desk or the wall in grade school (if your my age or older) those drove me crazy because they would get shavings everywhere. And there was always the dumbass kid standing in front of you who could never sharpen his correctly or would sharpen it until it disappeared. This must have happened a lot to me as a child because I can clearly remember standing there with my hand on my hip rolling my eyes.

I only like to use rollerball pens. Gel pens can suck it.

Burts Bees anything


Local radio

Actual magazines

Live concerts

Others who understand sarcasm and are not easily offended.

Being naked. The older I get the more I hate wearing clothes all day. Right when I get home, I take Fred out and then once we're back inside I strip down.


I've been practicing the art of "not overreacting" at least not outwardly. It really tends to piss people off if you don't immediately get as hyped up as they are. I mean it really pisses them off and I really enjoy that feeling. (if you've ever wondered just how truly evil I can be there is an example)

When my nephew falls asleep on me

Police scanner radio apps

Making lists (I like this stupid one)

When Frederick falls asleep on me

Dove milk chocolate peanut butter promises, but the promises inside could go away and I wouldn't be sad.

January 9, 2014

more fun

If only my four year old nephew understood this. He is obsessed, to say the least, with Thomas trains. If he did actually understand this he would HATE me for posting it. I was joking with him one time, while inaccurately helping him set up his train tracks, that I hated Sir Topham Hatt and he looked at me like I ripped his heart out. It was a juvenile move on my part but he was being a bit anal retentive watching me set up the tracks. At one point he said, with furrowed brows, "Something doesn't look right." I had all of the tracks connected, what more did he want? So what if they were a bit wonky? You couldn't tell unless YOU WERE HIM! He knows exactly how it goes together but will he help put it together? No. Why would he when he has suckers like me and my parents to do it for him? He's good. Really good. It's sort of frightening.

7 Things

1. I can't wait for Jimmy Fallon to finally be on earlier so I don't have to stay up so late anymore. BUT now I'm going to be torn between watching him and Jimmy Kimmel. LIFE DECISIONS ARE HARD!

2. This.

3. Her style I adore so much.

4. Exactly my age too.

5. Gawgeous!


7. This is too cool.

January 6, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

To be honest, Tyrone spoiled me and I'm not trying to brag about it but it's just what happened. He was Mr. Holiday Spirit this year and I reaped the benefits from it. I like to bitch a lot but I really did marry a great man and our life is not bad at all - I'm so grateful.

With that said, I hated having Christmas on a Wednesday this year. It made for a really long week for those of us that had to work the day before and after. Christmas day should be like Thanksgiving but instead of the fourth Thursday it should be the third or fourth Friday. The 25th day is crap anyways we all know that really isn't any significance.

These are just some pictures of the day and from around our place.

every year I've been adding a few more bulbs to the tree - next year I want to kick it up a notch and make it into a Jack Skellington tree - I hope it works out!

January 4, 2014

Sunday Christmas Dinner

a rare clean living room
It was sort of a party. If you were there when we were watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and were focused on my dad you would have thought it was a rage-err - almost. He laughs so hard watching that movie, I just like watching his face when he's really into something. It was actually all just a really nice and relaxing evening. I cooked a turkey, mashed potatoes and garlic green beans. Here are some shots from the day.
of the 3 of us Fred is the most photogenic

Fred was being such a priss that night