January 17, 2014

7 Things

1. Funny story - My mom and dad asked me recently if I noticed that my Netflix recommendations were looking odd. I let them use our account because they actually watch it more than I do and they never have and will never have cable. While I was thinking about the question I could see my dad beaming like a sneaky little sunbeam waiting for my reaction. My response probably didn't satisfy him completely because I responded that I had but didn't act as bothered as I guess I should have been. My mom said my dad has made a fun game out of undoing all of my show ratings. He goes in and gives bad ratings to movies that I had already said I enjoyed and has been giving good ratings on lame-ass documentaries about weed and prisons.

2. I've been watching The Mind of a Chef - I think it's my new favorite show. I adore PBS. Season 1 is on Netflix - if you love Ramen go watch it!

3. I'm thankful for Twitter. With out it, I would not have been able to "watch" the Golden Globes with out actually watching it. Tyrone forced me to be social Sunday night and although it turned out to be rather enjoyable I really didn't want to go. I had plans. I do not like it when plans change or fuck-up me being able to watch my stories.

I wonder why I don't have many friends?

4. My Christmas tree is still up.

5. I really wished that I only worked from 8-1 M-Thur. That would be so perfect! I'll be daydreaming about this all week.

6. I'm ready for warm weather, although, I do want to go tubing or snow boarding just once this Winter.

7. It's Friday and I've been writing this post all week.

1 comment:

kendahl a. said...

Your dad is so hilariously crazy. He is awesome.

I have been trying to post all week, too, but I've got nothing happy to say. Meh.