January 9, 2014

more fun

If only my four year old nephew understood this. He is obsessed, to say the least, with Thomas trains. If he did actually understand this he would HATE me for posting it. I was joking with him one time, while inaccurately helping him set up his train tracks, that I hated Sir Topham Hatt and he looked at me like I ripped his heart out. It was a juvenile move on my part but he was being a bit anal retentive watching me set up the tracks. At one point he said, with furrowed brows, "Something doesn't look right." I had all of the tracks connected, what more did he want? So what if they were a bit wonky? You couldn't tell unless YOU WERE HIM! He knows exactly how it goes together but will he help put it together? No. Why would he when he has suckers like me and my parents to do it for him? He's good. Really good. It's sort of frightening.

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kendahl a. said...

That is the most epic picture! I laughed out loud, for real.

My best friend's little boy is also obsessed with Thomas. I babysat a couple of weekends ago and that's all we watched, while we played with his train set.