March 25, 2012

Feeling kind of blah

Tyrone and I have had a rough few weeks. There isn't really anything too serious going on. It has just been tough and we're both in a funk. It's just life and sometimes we don't get through it like adults and with rays of sunshine beaming out of our asses.
I haven't worked on my shop all last week and I haven't been reading anyone's blogs either which I hate getting behind on either of those things. I find myself starting a project and then fail to follow through with any of them. It's left me confused and feeling like blah.
I think the most frustrating thing is that just before all of this things were really going well and we both felt so great. I hate that things can change so quickly. It makes me want to run razor blades across my knee caps and listen to Fiona Apple.

March 23, 2012

Fridays with Frederick

It's like this constantly in our lives. He always has to be the dominator.

March 22, 2012

Weekly Confessional - that traveling mime group I was in (sort of)

Today I was trying to mouth something to a coworker as I walked passed her desk and she gave me a negative look and shook her head as if to reply no. I attempted to tell her one more time and really tried hard to invoke the mime skills I have buried deep down in the abyss where I keep past memories and she just shrugged and shook her head again. Later that morning, on break, I asked her what her problem was and apologized for failing miserably at mime. She laughed it off because she assumed I was joking about having any mime skills but I quickly made her aware that I was in fact not joking. I told her I was in a traveling mime group which is half true. I have done a few mime sketches in a church drama group that had traveled a time or two (or many) in the past performing said talent. Mime wasn't all we did but we did pile into a van and travel to different fine arts festivals and churches performing various talents like singing (not me), band (not me), and drama sketches that did include mime on few occasions. It all sounds so gypsy-like but I can assure you it wasn't. I do wish that I had a few Something Wicked This Way Comes like tales to elaborate on for your afternoon reading enjoyment.

It may just be the 3 three hours of sleep typing here but it hit me so funny I couldn't stop laughing at my desk alone to myself. I was just sitting there laughing out loud in the cold, dead silence that is our office until tears were skipping over the manhole sized pores on my cheeks.

Marbles. Totally. Lost. Never. To. Return.

However, I will admit that the kind of loopy behavior that sleep deprivation can occasional induce is welcomed. I will take it any day over the angry, get of my way, stab you in the neck with a broken pen type of behavior that usually occurs.

You might be asking yourself what I was trying to say to my office cohort but alas that is for us to know and for the lurkers to never find out. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if one of us got in trouble for me even admitting on here that I was trying to make contact on office property with another human being.

Peace out dears,


fashion bits

{blog filler}

 lots of manicures & old lady shirts

this jacket is rad and yet another article to add to the list of my things that Tyrone hates

March 21, 2012

via my phone

 bad dog

 first slurpees of the season

 straight up

March 14, 2012

In My Brain

Today is one of those days where I wished I was Thelma or Louise and had the balls to drive off a cliff. Just being honest.

I do my best to stay out of political debates but the campaign so far this year has made that extremely hard. I've nearly exploded five dozen times already. I'm so glad Tyrone lets me vent to him. I was listening to some people in Mississippi and Alabama be interviewed about some things and I was left shocked & disgusted. My jaw is still dragging on the ground today. I. Can't. Even.

Which led me to the below thought:

As much as I complain and joke around about living in Utah I am actually really proud to live here. (I've said this before but it's nice to reaffirm every now and then) I love living in the gayest city in America. We use to be pretty behind the times but we really aren't when you look at things closely. I had a good conversation with a friend about this yesterday which led Tyrone and I to discuss it too and we both agree it's not so bad here. There will be issues with one thing or another in any place.

I'm thankful I had an open mother and grandmother when it came to sex and drugs. My mom was always open about that stuff and I stayed away from drugs for the most part and passed on many opportunities to get high when I was growing up. I even waited to have sex before I was married (the first time around OBVIOUSLY!) I've had to learn my own lessons the hard way, I'm not trying to say I was a perfect kid because that is in no way true or the point I'm trying to make. I'm just glad that there weren't many surprises if you know what I mean. Another thought about this is I understand now when mom told me to wait till I was married to have sex. I get it now. Especially when you're with your new husband and you come face-to-face with an ex that you've slept with before and he's with his new family. This is not a fun experience. I'd like to be all "mature" about it and say that it doesn't matter because Tyrone and I weren't together and it was a different life I lived before, blah, blah, blah but I can't. It's not fun and I hate that I've had to answer for stupid mistakes that I've made as much as I own each and every one of them.

On a lighter note....

I'm so incredibly excited for the release of Jack White's solo album. I heart him. "I eat sixteen saltine crackers then I lick my fingers."

I've started to struggle with my daily reading goal that I set for this year.

I'm oddly looking forward to St. Patrick's day this weekend. So glad it's on a Saturday this year.

I'm so lucky to have my husband become my best friend. Everyday we grow closer and closer. Even with all of the ridicule and mocking we do of each other, it has only bonded us.

Speaking of bonding, my SIL, Rachel, let me make a mold out of her torso to use as a body form that I'm making. I got to feel her up and afterwards we were left tipsy and satisfied. Well I was satisfied but I can't speak for her.

Yesterday was Fred's birthday and we bought him a fancy cupcake to eat. It was raspberry lemonade if you must know. He ate it all and even left the adorning raspberry that was on top for last. I didn't think he was going to eat the raspberry but he finally did. That didn't satisfy him though because he still begged me for mine when I was eating it.

Last night we got all caught up with The Walking Dead and I was freaking out at the ending. This Sunday's episode is going to be craaazy.

March 13, 2012

5 years old

It's Mr. Frederick Biggie Franklin's birthday today and he has not let me forget it all day

This is how most Saturdays go {in pictures}

 we need another room FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

 Tyrone learning a new song

 Someone always dropping their damn toy any where I'm doing something

daily three bags; workout bag (you heard that right), purse, work laptop bag (sigh)

 Taking product phots, diy photos, etc. 

lots of computer time (finally did a budget for my shop for the past three years)

date night