March 12, 2012

Skirt Makeover!

*vintage skirt*
*fabric glue*
*faux patent leather*
*scissors & a marker*
*paper or heart pattern*

 Easy As Pie 
{i've never understood this expression because I think baking pies is very hard to do}

1. Grab an old skirt, vintage, thrift, grandma's closet, whatever
2. Take some paper and draw a heart shaped pattern on it in different sizes and cut them out
3. Use your heart pattern and place on patent leather scraps (or any other type of fabric) and cut out as many hearts as you want. I cut out two hearts of each size I had a pattern for. I wanted it to sort of look like the hearts were floating up my skirt but in a rock and roll sort of way which is why I chose the faux black patent leather.
4. With your fabric tac glue start gluing them right on the front of the skirt holding each one down for just a few seconds before moving on to the next one. 

*Tip - don't worry about it being perfect or that the edges come up a bit or that your hearts aren't cut exactly right. The more imperfections the better!


 {the broken leg stance - very model chic}


Oh Honestly Erin said...

This is the most adorable project yet! It might even be enough to get me to wear a skirt, but I will probably punk out and just do this to a shirt.

You just planned my weekend for me!

kendahl said...

Really, really cute! And maybe they mean eating pie. That's pretty easy, if you like pie.

Kristen said...