March 22, 2012

Weekly Confessional - that traveling mime group I was in (sort of)

Today I was trying to mouth something to a coworker as I walked passed her desk and she gave me a negative look and shook her head as if to reply no. I attempted to tell her one more time and really tried hard to invoke the mime skills I have buried deep down in the abyss where I keep past memories and she just shrugged and shook her head again. Later that morning, on break, I asked her what her problem was and apologized for failing miserably at mime. She laughed it off because she assumed I was joking about having any mime skills but I quickly made her aware that I was in fact not joking. I told her I was in a traveling mime group which is half true. I have done a few mime sketches in a church drama group that had traveled a time or two (or many) in the past performing said talent. Mime wasn't all we did but we did pile into a van and travel to different fine arts festivals and churches performing various talents like singing (not me), band (not me), and drama sketches that did include mime on few occasions. It all sounds so gypsy-like but I can assure you it wasn't. I do wish that I had a few Something Wicked This Way Comes like tales to elaborate on for your afternoon reading enjoyment.

It may just be the 3 three hours of sleep typing here but it hit me so funny I couldn't stop laughing at my desk alone to myself. I was just sitting there laughing out loud in the cold, dead silence that is our office until tears were skipping over the manhole sized pores on my cheeks.

Marbles. Totally. Lost. Never. To. Return.

However, I will admit that the kind of loopy behavior that sleep deprivation can occasional induce is welcomed. I will take it any day over the angry, get of my way, stab you in the neck with a broken pen type of behavior that usually occurs.

You might be asking yourself what I was trying to say to my office cohort but alas that is for us to know and for the lurkers to never find out. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if one of us got in trouble for me even admitting on here that I was trying to make contact on office property with another human being.

Peace out dears,



kendahl said...

I wish I had mime skills but I am a giant failure at trying to communicate *with* words, let alone without them. I love delirium from lack of sleep - one of the best feelings ever. I'm only grumpy if someone is stopping me from sleeping when I should or could be sleeping.

Kristen said...

Ah, now I know where the talents from your first silent vlog posts came from!

Anika said...

it's nice to have hidden skills...the more eccentric the better I think...