March 9, 2012

In My Brain

Holy shit balls! When I saw this gold peter pan collar I about lost it. My sphincter muscles almost quite literally gave out on me. Isn't it purdy? It's even better than the one I just made, obviously. I've already had like 3 naughty dreams about it. I'm getting all humid just writing about it. Now go back to looking at this beautiful gold collar instead of thinking about my sphincter muscles.

After the clouds had parted and I started to calm my shit I was inspired to make a gold treasury on etsy. Check it out here

Last night my parents stopped by and dropped off a Ninja. It's a magical blender made by hobbits. Sidenote: I'm convinced my dad is out to get me fat. He won't be satisfied until I have diabetes and need to resort to wearing circus tents on the daily. Needless to say the Ninja gift wasn't his idea. 

Thinking of getting a new camera but I'm torn between just another digital point and shoot and a DSLR. I want to be practical and pay bills but I also want to buy something that will help my business in the long run and maybe even persuade me into venturing off into other things. I just spent more money than I would like to share at the dentist recently and know that I have at least $300+ more dollars to fork out in the next few weeks to complete this dental excursion. I have insurance but I still feel pressured to prostitute to cover my portion. 

Speaking of large purchases my husband on the other hand has no problem with spending dough which is evident in the new drum set he just got. 

It's Friday night and we're watching Greys Anatomy still. I just got done explaining the season 5 finale to Tyrone and he just made me replay it. This is hilarious to me as a wife.


Anonymous said...

i hate when i feel pressured to's much more my speed when i do it for enjoyment.

off to google season 5 finale...xo

Anonymous said... it makes sense. that was a cliffhanger.

kendahl said...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't get past the part where you described yourself as humid. Half of my wants to cry and the other half is laughing hysterically.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Hahaha - Alisha, I probably should have elaborated on that a little more. I don't understand why everyone just can't read my mind?!

Kendahl - I hope you're not still cry-laughing.

urban muser said...

ok, that gold collar is cool :)

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Gooooolllllddd....I can't stop looking at your treasury!

Dental bills are so out of control. I haven't had dental insurance in a few years but I REALLY need to get in there for a checkup - I'm so scared. :(