March 6, 2012

Junk Hunt

This find is from an etsy seller which still counts for a junk hunt in my opinion. I could not turn down this gorgeous, hot pink Samsonite. I'm over the moon about it. I only ever find brown ones or light blue ones that I have been tempted to buy at the thrift store but I am so glad I held off for something I really wanted. Sometimes you have to do that for yourself.

Everything else was found at the thrift store.

Ashtray was .25 cents

Belt $1 - I'm really into gold hardware lately (or the past two years, whatever)

Twine .50 cents

 I've found a ton of crap lately that isn't really crap at all. I'll hopefully be posting more about it soon plus adding a bunch of it to The Shop. I've even been collecting items for next Halloween which has me pretty stoked too.


kendahl said...

Twine for 50 cents? You can't beat that! And I love that purse. "Samsonite?! I was way off."

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Confession: I totally had to google that quote, but I'm hip to it now. Ha!

freaked out n small said...

Good find on the twine and bag!!!