October 29, 2009

Stuff and more stuff

I’m grumpy. I cry on a whim and YES I am on my period. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

How was that for an opener?

I am thankful however to finally have my first cycle since the miscarriage. Now in the next few months maybe we will be able to actually TRY. Yes I said it. We are ready – I can’t run from it anymore. Was that too much information? Too bad.

You still with me?

Besides the Hub, dressing up for Halloween is the only thing getting me through the next few days. I get to dress up Friday (for work) and on Saturday. You have no idea how much this pleases me so. We are going to a haunted house tomorrow night with our cousins and Saturday…well I’m not sure about that. We’ve been invited to a party but I am hoping that the recent curve ball that has been thrown at my family doesn’t ruin that day. Halloween is my favorite holiday WAY over any other holiday and if it is not a good day I will be PISSED. And that is that. Another thing that has helped is keeping my Halloween Hit List on repeat. I just love it.

Focus: I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up. I get to dress up.

And wear my new fabulous earrings that I bought from Etsy at this shop.

This is random but I love these one’s too – A Calavera! This shop also has some pretty cool shiz.

I can’t explain how much I love Etsy. I would love to be able to buy more stuff on it. I am a big fan of handmade items and all of the awesome people on there that enjoy it too.

More randomness:

I’ve been working on a few things lately. I revamped a few of my old tee’s and made a puppy pouch to attach to Frederick’s harness for when we take him on walks. It helps so much because I never know where to stuff his poopie bags. It’s usually so awkward and this eliminates the awkwardness. I’m hoping it will also work out for the house key or car key. I don’t like to carry a bunch of stuff on my person (it’s so lame that I just said it like that) so I can run or walk care free.



(The before and after shots may look odd because the tees are different colors. I didn't dye the tee, I revamped two of them, the after pic of the white one didn't turn out and I'm too lazy to retake it which is unfortunate because the white one is better.)

Fred looks like I told him I put all of his toys down the disposal. What a baby!

The End.

I hope I didn’t scare you away.

I will leave you with this creepy picture in honor of Halloween approaching.

October 27, 2009

The Day - Reception Pics!

Our reception pics are up on The Day flickr pool now, click here. It's only been 4 or so months but they are there!! Enjoy!

I'm still working on our Day After Photo session. I can't wait to share those.

October 25, 2009

Some Where Over the Dark Side of the Moon


We actually did it.

No we weren't on any hallucinogenic drugs. (none needed)

My friend Jenni and I watched The Wizard of Oz synced up to the Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd.

It was actually kind of cool and a lot of coincidences for sure.

Try it. I triple-dog-dare you.

Daisy the Freaking Centurion Warrior

Daisy a.k.a. Zijafreak (my Mommy) had her birthday about a week after mine. We are both Libras except that we couldn't more different from one another (unless you ask my dad and he'll tell you we are exactly the same). I wanted to come up with something different for her birthday and of course when you are broke you have to be very creative. I'm ok with the creative part except that it can come across a little cheesy at times and this time I think I got the cheesy part down pact.

I made her a Centurion Warrior outfit because she truly is a warrior. She has been through so much in her life and has come out on top and she is the ultimate warrior for her family. Along with the Warrior helmet and armor we gave her some tea (to stay hydrated for battle), almonds (to keep up her stamina), and chocolate (the ultimate power source). And of course no warrior is complete with out their weapon of choice (a cross necklace because my mom is the ultimate jesus freak).

Love you Madre - You are the best!



She sells Zija too which has helped out a lot of people. You can learn more about it on her website here.

October 20, 2009

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

So it was my birthday a few days or weeks ago...it's not really important. What is important is how much I love my family and friends and how lovely they make me feel... oh, I mean how awesome they are. The day was a very nice day. I got the most lovely birthday wishes. The night before Ty gave me his gift which was Coraline on DVD in 2D and 3D. I was very excited to get it!. I had to work that day and everyone there did a great job at not making me feel old. My friend Lorrine and her daughter bought me a goodie bag with a ghost hunter camera in it. I can't wait to have it developed. My mom stopped by that evening and walked around the mall with me and bought me some Edo...I love cheap asian food. That Friday my mother in law came over and brought over some KFC (I generally hate KFC with all that is in me but their grilled chicken bucket didn't want to make me punch kittens), some cake and cotton candy ice cream from Maggie Moos (Ty and I love it - probably because it turns your entire mouth blue for 3 days), and the sweetest gifts. She made me a gorgeous scarf made out of colors from our wedding and had a picture of our dip-kiss from our ceremony blown up and framed. The following week my mom took me (for both of our birthdays) to see Thriller at Kingsbury Hall. When the opening music began I started crying. You generally aren't suppose to cry in it but I've been extra emotional lately and was just so happy to be there with my fabulous mommy.

Birthday card from the hub

This pic didn't turn out so well but I had to post it anyway.
This picture looks so nice hanging up in our living room
I just had to wear my Thriller watch
I can't wait to go next year and take Ty and hopefully some friends.

Halloween Hit-List

(This list is currently on repeat on my Ipod)

End Credits – from the Coraline soundtrack

Thriller – Do I even have to say who’s this is?
This is Halloween – from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
The Time Warp – from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett
Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo
Blood On My Hands – Those Poor Bastards
The Doors – People Are Strange
Oogie Boogie Song – from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
Coin-Operated Boy – The Dresdon Dolls
(Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
Fashion Zombies – The Aquabats
Voodoo – Godsmack
Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
Sweet Transvestite – Tim Curry, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Strange & Beautiful (I’ll Put a Spell On You) – Aqualung (I may be pushing it a bit with this one but I love the eerie – stalker vibe)
Ghost Town – The Specials
Witchy Woman – Eagles
Halloween – The Misfits
Cemetery Polka – Tom Waits
Sally’s Song – from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack
Wonka’s Welcome Song – Danny Elfman (I like to throw this in on most of my playlists)
Jockey Full of Bourbon – Tom Waits
Exploration – from the Coraline soundtrack
This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
Salme Girls – Big D & The Kid’s Table
Dammit Janet – from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
Halloween – D.M.B.
Party Time – 45 Grave, from the Night of the Living Dead
I Put a Spell o You – Marilyn Manson
Gloomy Sunday – Ricky Nelson
Every Day Is Halloween – Ministry
Hotel California – Eagles (this song has always creeped me out)
Human Fly – The Cramps
I Put A Spell On You – C.C.R.
This is Halloween – Panic At the Disco
Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones (I may need to re-think this one, it just reminds me of some war movie)
Can you do better?

October 13, 2009

The Circus Is In Town

For so many reasons...

But most importantly because of Halloween

My costume is going to be a mix between this dude from Coraline and Britney Spears. (no slutty costume I promise) A circus Ringmaster. I am almost finished making it. Fred is going as a lion whether he likes it or not. He won't like it but that's just tough because I spent a long time making the costume for him.

This is a sneak peak I can't wait to share. I am not finished editing all the photos. This just shows how nerdy we are...wait...I mean how nerdy I AM.
Also, we got all of our reception pictures back from UGLYSHEEP. I have had a lot of questions asking when people will see them. I will post them soon.

Oh oh oh I can't leave this post with out saying THANK YOU to everyone who reads this. Especially for everyone's support on this post. All of your comments really mean a lot to me.