May 28, 2015


This is what you eat when your doc and a health assessment taken at work tells you that you're obese. Then you look at the label on the salad after you've eaten it and notice that it has 33 grams of fat in it. Obese forever! 

May 18, 2015


New sandals for the Summer. They are very comfortable faux JC's I picked up at a huge ASOS sale. Now if it would only start acting like Summer here.

May 13, 2015

Liar Liar Coffee Guy

There's quiet contention occurring between me and Liar Liar Coffee Guy (that's what I call him now) and it's making every other Wednesday rather uncomfortable. You see making sure the coffee is stocked in the office is my job and believe it or not it's super important and a job I am more than willing to take on. People need their coffee dammit this is something our society is very familiar with given the importance of Instagraming ones own mug-of-mud on the daily (I am guilty of this too). Even in the sanctimonious state of Utah where coffee and tea drinking isn't just frowned upon it is on black sheep levels in some families here, yes, coffee is still held in high-regards in some circles in my home state. 

We order coffee every two weeks and every other time they are out of something albeit some flavor of k-cup or brewed packets. And when they are out of things he doesn't try to make up for it and offer a replacement he just makes us wait it out until the next time to order approaches and acts like it doesn't matter. He used to drop stuff off when they got things back in but acts like that's too much to ask now. It's infuriating and on top of that he lies to me all of the time about it. What makes this especially irritating is that he lives in our building and even on the same floor as us. Since he's started this liar phase it's made elevator run-ins quite awkward. Tyrone doesn't get it. Lately if I see him I make us hold back so I don't have to force a smile and pretend things are all-good. WHEN THEY ARE NOT! It's hard to play nice when you can pin-point exactly how and when someone lied to you. I have even called him out as professionally as I could and he held his perjurious stance. 

This sounds dumb I know it and even as I type it it's super dumb. D.U.M.B!!!!! He just pisses me off so bad!!

7 Things

1. I cried so much for two weeks straight (still random crying occurs) that I got the biggest sore on top of my nose from rubbing it with tissue. It was the worst. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a scar from it because it is still red. Basically I look like Rudolph. 

2. Apparently I'm in the mood to blog today.

3. I'm so thankful to everyone that reached out during the tough time I've had of losing my friend. It means the world to me. 

4. We've been to a few shows lately and I'm hoping to write about them soon. 

5. Last week we took Tyrone's colleague from Germany to a Real Salt Lake soccer game. It was so much fun but it rained so much we were frozen and soaked most of the night. It was pretty cool though during the national anthem the lightening struck extremely close to the stadium and everyone cheered. I thought it was some effect they put on but it was totally real and life-threatening. They had us all move to cover for an hour while mother nature calmed the fuck down. It was delayed about an hour but it was still fun. I love soccer but we never go because Tyrone hates it. It took 8 years and a German to get him to go to a game. We're not super sports people but soccer and basketball are something I enjoy from time-to-time. 

6. Last week we also spent most of the day Friday in the rain at the Big Ass Show but this time we came prepared with ponchos. The puny gods (Thor! reference) were smiling upon us because it didn't rain much during the sets I actually went for (New Politics and Panic at the Disco). Both of which were really good and always have super fun sets. It rained like crazy during Rise Against and 311. Both of which I didn't care for to be honest. I have seen 311 probably 5,66878457 times (that's not a real number but it feels like that many) so we stayed for a few of their songs then left because the wind really picked up at that point and it was getting really cold. I was excited to see Rise Against because I had never seen them live before. People in Utah LOVE them and I only really knew them from the radio. I thought it would be a fun punk set and watched for the pit to get crazy but it didn't seem to get too crazy in there and they didn't' really light a fire under my pants. A couple of other bands played but they aren't worth mentioning. I'm such a brat about this stuff. It was a good time though don't get me wrong.

7. All I can think about is how messy my house is right now and how I wish I were at home instead of at work worrying about it. 

Lost time continued

Raging Bull

Making up for lost time

Since we've been married Tyrone has usually had a job with retail hours which means he works nights and Saturdays. The last two years have consisted of him working those shitty hours and going to school. We still managed to get date nights in and made sure to spend Sundays together as much as possible. Now that he is no longer in school and has an 8-5 career we are getting to spend a lot more time together than ever before. This month we have been going to a lot of events, movies and catching up on TV shows together.

I'm going to try and post pictures of our catch-up dates on here randomly.We'll see how this goes considering my less-than stellar blogging schedule lately. 

I'm a person who thrives on alone time so this spending more time together thing worried me a bit but it's been really nice. I'll report back in a few months to let you know if it's still going well unless you see me on the news first wanted for domestic violence. (That's not funny Brandy)