May 13, 2015

Liar Liar Coffee Guy

There's quiet contention occurring between me and Liar Liar Coffee Guy (that's what I call him now) and it's making every other Wednesday rather uncomfortable. You see making sure the coffee is stocked in the office is my job and believe it or not it's super important and a job I am more than willing to take on. People need their coffee dammit this is something our society is very familiar with given the importance of Instagraming ones own mug-of-mud on the daily (I am guilty of this too). Even in the sanctimonious state of Utah where coffee and tea drinking isn't just frowned upon it is on black sheep levels in some families here, yes, coffee is still held in high-regards in some circles in my home state. 

We order coffee every two weeks and every other time they are out of something albeit some flavor of k-cup or brewed packets. And when they are out of things he doesn't try to make up for it and offer a replacement he just makes us wait it out until the next time to order approaches and acts like it doesn't matter. He used to drop stuff off when they got things back in but acts like that's too much to ask now. It's infuriating and on top of that he lies to me all of the time about it. What makes this especially irritating is that he lives in our building and even on the same floor as us. Since he's started this liar phase it's made elevator run-ins quite awkward. Tyrone doesn't get it. Lately if I see him I make us hold back so I don't have to force a smile and pretend things are all-good. WHEN THEY ARE NOT! It's hard to play nice when you can pin-point exactly how and when someone lied to you. I have even called him out as professionally as I could and he held his perjurious stance. 

This sounds dumb I know it and even as I type it it's super dumb. D.U.M.B!!!!! He just pisses me off so bad!!


Erin Honestly said...

I'm on Team Brandy! Down with Coffee Liars!!

kendahl a. said...

He's probably mormon and so doesn't want you to drink coffee anyway, because you should live by his standards. >:( They piss me off sometimes.