May 22, 2009

Right as Rain

Love me some Adele .

Currently listening to The Day playlist contemplating my next move – who will make the cut?


Wednesday was a great morning.


I took a half day off from work so we could get our marriage license and register @ Target. I think we registered for mostly movies and games. It was fun. At first Tyrone was uncomfortable with the act of picking things out for others to buy us but he quickly got over it. Afterwards we ate at The Pie

Check out this gorgeous slice.


And this handsome face.


Tuesday night, while watching American Idol, I made 120 labels for our favors that haven’t been purchased yet. I hope we don’t need more than that. (BTW, Adam was robbed!!)


Last night we met with the Chaplin . It was really nice to be reminded of why we are doing this, getting married. Being in agreement and focusing on having God the center of our relationship is key.


Lunch today was Perfect with one of my long lost but oh so Perfect best friends, Zach . We met halfway down Broadway, he bought me a coke while he drank Fiji water (he’s so good at that stuff), and sat on a bench and caught up with one another. We are four blocks away from each other Every Day yet I haven’t seen him for a Year, an entire Year. We do this way too often but I mainly blame his ever growing popularity. (Love you Zach )

Hanging out with Fred at the park. It was peacful for the most part. Too many birds; he gets way too excited. Wanted to walk around the whole park but it started raining and blowing really hard.


I am very happy with the way things are moving a long.

May 19, 2009

Update - we should have eloped

o         Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K Run May 9th

o       Unpack! – Still missing a box of pans and now my george forman grill. I am so confused.

o        Run a ½ marathon 

o       Engagement pictures – I don’t know if we are going to do this. So, sending pics with invites didn’t work out but that is fine because most people outside of UT don’t do it. Plus we did it with our Save-the-dates.

o       Move – 10 days left.

o       Find boxes

o       Find a place to live 

o        Find someone to marry us – We are having a long time family friend do this, Chaplin Green of the Utah County Jail. He is a great guy.

o       Set up pre-marital counseling with the Chaplin – yeay! we meet on Thursday night.

o       Find ceremony venue

o       Get passports – We got these in the mail about a week ago. Although now we no longer need them since Cabo is not happening (I don’t want to talk about it).

o        Order grooms cake

o        Find Tyrone a shirt, tie and shoes.

o       Find tables and chairs Wedding Dreamer

o        Finish centerpieces – I am 80% finished with them.

o       Make and Send Out Invitations – This was a HUGE weight that has now been lifted.

o       Register for gifsts – we haven’t actually gone to the store yet to do this L We are hopefully doing this tomorrow. If anyone knows how to figure it out online that would be great. As computer literate as I think I am I can’t figure out how to add items to my registry online.

o       Buy Food & rest of Misc. items.

o       Make Cookies – we are serving black and white cookies (you know NY style) and I am going to make them. My mom thinks I am crazy and I’m pretty sure just the thought of doing it is stressing the hell out of her. It will be fine.

o       Marriage License - scheduled tomorrow morning.

o       Ty’s shoes – ordered and shipped

o       Favors – I’m toying with a few ideas.

o       Dye Hair – black, black, black baby!

o       Dry clean Ty’s suite

o       Make picture backdrop

o       Get ring cleaned

o       Get married!

Ordered and Shipped

We ordered these for Ty to wear on The Day.

All I have to say is Sick!

love me some erykah badu

Who's gonna save my soul?

Check out this video:

It's fantastic.

Glam Rock defined according to the zen master flash

Glam Rock vs. Hair Bands

Some people combine these two groups. I on the other hand do not. I dislike most Hair Bands so I am a little biased. Most Glam Rock that is acceptable to me is mostly from the 70’s although I like some 80’s and current stuff. I do have to say there are a few Hair Bands I like, Def LeppardBon Jovi and some Guns n Roses although I might add only very little.


I have to laugh at myself for compiling this list because on the surface it is silly but I have put a lot of thought in this. I just don’t want people thinking I like crappy metal bands when I say I am a fan of Glam Rock. How awful, I know! (I joke, I joke)






T. Rex

Motley Crue

David Bowie




Adam Ant


New York Dolls


David Essex


Electric Light Orchestra

Twisted Sister


Quiet Riot

The Darkness

Judas Priest

Scissor Sisters

White Snake


May 13, 2009

Susan G. Komen - Race 4 the Cure

last saturday we did the "race" well we ran half of it and walked the other half which is pretty good considering I planned on walking and or crawling the whole thing

i heard there were about 18k people. Crazy!
the pics are as good as it gets. Prove me wrong, please.

The Day - Sneak a peaks

Cake Topper - I got this in the mail last week. I was very glad to finally get it.
This is a peak at the banner I finished last week as well.

Guest Book - we are doing an alternative version of this. I finished it last week and I am kinda proud of it. It says love face because that is what Ty calls me. He likes to add the word "face" to the end of everything.

Color Scheme

Pillow Talk

Can I just say that ring pillows are a waist of money? Seriously. The first place I noticed this was at Roberts Arts and Crafts. (I love Roberts so I am not bashing on them, just ring pillows) I saw a plain white semi-large pillow with a ribbon tied around it and it was priced around $39. Are you kidding me? So I looked around online and was even more annoyed when I saw them ranging for $50 to $100+. And some of those were even on the small side. I was looking for a small ring pillow until I came up with the brilliant idea of making my own. I almost didn’t even go with using one at all. I also don’t know why it took me so long to figure out a better option.


I am in love with what I came up with. It’s small, which is what I wanted.


1 sheet of white felt = $0.30

1 scrap pink silk tulle = $0.10 (can’t be more than this)

2 recycled buttons = free from my button collection (I never throw away the extra buttons that come with new shirts)

1 clear plastic bead = free, extra from some old project

10” strip of recycled ribbon = extra ribbon from the boutenniers $0.10 maybe

1 pkg. bright turquoise thread = $1.00 bought new

15 (est.) cotton balls = $0.50 stolen from bathroom


total = $1.90


You can’t beat that. And it matches everything perfectly.

One Month To Go

30 days left to The Day!

I am doing invitations this week. They are sort of close to being finished. Hopefully they will be done Friday or Saturday. 

Here is my finished ring pillow. I'll talk about it more later. I'm outside of my office on my lunch break right now and it is freezing ass cold. 

May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kikiwakika

Today my other life partner says goodbye to her twenties. Welcome to the thirty club girl! Love you!



Pickle called me this morning and told me they are having a boy. I cried happy tears. I am glad because he was a stinkin cute baby. Although I fear for their sanity because Pickle was a handful. 

Good Luck to them. Love you guys.


·        Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K Run May 9th. – 3 days left. I can’t wait; I had so much fun last year.

·        Unpack! – Almost finished with this. I need a few more shelves hung up and then we will be good. Although I am missing a box of pans which is stressing me out a bit.

·        Run a ½ marathon – Done!

·        Engagement pictures – I don’t know if we are going to do this. I’m scared we don’t have time because Ty is in Vernal all week.

·        Move – 10 days left.   Done! Thank you Mom, Dad, Pickle, Rae-Rae , Cherice, Dillon Colt , and Gabe for everything you did. You are all so awesome! J

·        Find boxes – Done. Thanks Mom Deb .

·        Find a place to live 

·        Find someone to marry us – We are having a long time family friend do this, Chaplin Green of the Utah County Jail. He is a great guy.

·         Set up pre-marital counseling with the Chaplin . – I know I initially didn’t want someone religiousy but I feel good now about having him doing it and going through a couple of courses with him. It will be good for us whether we like it or not.

·        Find ceremony venue – Done! We chose to get married by Utah Lake . I had my reservations about this but the spot we chose has been cleaned up and looks great. Also since we plan on having the ceremony as short and simple as possible I almost didn’t care where it was going to be. My energy has been focused on the reception. The place we chose is going to be by the Lindon boat harbor just about a half mile south. It’s the small sandy beach right off of the new bike trail. If anyone knows if that place has a name I would really appreciate you letting me know.

·        Get passports – Done. I just got a confirmation that they will be mailed out soon so that is cool.

·        Order grooms cake – Done!

·        Find Tyrone a shirt, tie and shoes. – Done! We found a shirt and tie at Express for men. They are the perfect colors. It pleases me so.

·        Find tables and chairs – Done! We decided to rent them from this little wedding shop in AF.

·        Finish centerpieces – I am 80% finished with them.

·        Make Invitations – I can finally finish these and get them sent out soon.

·        Register for gifsts – we decided to do this @ Target. It’s simple and easy. I need more stuff than I thought I did. I would really like to register at IKEA or Nordstroms and register for all clothing. That would be cool.

·        Make Cookies – we are serving black and white cookies (you know NY style) and I am going to make them. My mom thinks I am crazy and I’m pretty sure just the thought of doing it is stressing the hell out of her. It will be fine.

·        Marriage License

·        Get married – Can’t wait!


I am having fun making everything practically all on my own. Last night I finished my alternative guest book and a banner I am going to hang at the reception. We decided to get married @ 10am and the reception will be later that day from 6-8pm.