May 22, 2009

Right as Rain

Love me some Adele .

Currently listening to The Day playlist contemplating my next move – who will make the cut?


Wednesday was a great morning.


I took a half day off from work so we could get our marriage license and register @ Target. I think we registered for mostly movies and games. It was fun. At first Tyrone was uncomfortable with the act of picking things out for others to buy us but he quickly got over it. Afterwards we ate at The Pie

Check out this gorgeous slice.


And this handsome face.


Tuesday night, while watching American Idol, I made 120 labels for our favors that haven’t been purchased yet. I hope we don’t need more than that. (BTW, Adam was robbed!!)


Last night we met with the Chaplin . It was really nice to be reminded of why we are doing this, getting married. Being in agreement and focusing on having God the center of our relationship is key.


Lunch today was Perfect with one of my long lost but oh so Perfect best friends, Zach . We met halfway down Broadway, he bought me a coke while he drank Fiji water (he’s so good at that stuff), and sat on a bench and caught up with one another. We are four blocks away from each other Every Day yet I haven’t seen him for a Year, an entire Year. We do this way too often but I mainly blame his ever growing popularity. (Love you Zach )

Hanging out with Fred at the park. It was peacful for the most part. Too many birds; he gets way too excited. Wanted to walk around the whole park but it started raining and blowing really hard.


I am very happy with the way things are moving a long.

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Brittany said...

Sounds like a perfect couple of days you have had! And it sounds like things are moving along for the wedding perfectly! I am so happy for you!