May 13, 2009

Pillow Talk

Can I just say that ring pillows are a waist of money? Seriously. The first place I noticed this was at Roberts Arts and Crafts. (I love Roberts so I am not bashing on them, just ring pillows) I saw a plain white semi-large pillow with a ribbon tied around it and it was priced around $39. Are you kidding me? So I looked around online and was even more annoyed when I saw them ranging for $50 to $100+. And some of those were even on the small side. I was looking for a small ring pillow until I came up with the brilliant idea of making my own. I almost didn’t even go with using one at all. I also don’t know why it took me so long to figure out a better option.


I am in love with what I came up with. It’s small, which is what I wanted.


1 sheet of white felt = $0.30

1 scrap pink silk tulle = $0.10 (can’t be more than this)

2 recycled buttons = free from my button collection (I never throw away the extra buttons that come with new shirts)

1 clear plastic bead = free, extra from some old project

10” strip of recycled ribbon = extra ribbon from the boutenniers $0.10 maybe

1 pkg. bright turquoise thread = $1.00 bought new

15 (est.) cotton balls = $0.50 stolen from bathroom


total = $1.90


You can’t beat that. And it matches everything perfectly.

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