May 19, 2009

Update - we should have eloped

o         Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K Run May 9th

o       Unpack! – Still missing a box of pans and now my george forman grill. I am so confused.

o        Run a ½ marathon 

o       Engagement pictures – I don’t know if we are going to do this. So, sending pics with invites didn’t work out but that is fine because most people outside of UT don’t do it. Plus we did it with our Save-the-dates.

o       Move – 10 days left.

o       Find boxes

o       Find a place to live 

o        Find someone to marry us – We are having a long time family friend do this, Chaplin Green of the Utah County Jail. He is a great guy.

o       Set up pre-marital counseling with the Chaplin – yeay! we meet on Thursday night.

o       Find ceremony venue

o       Get passports – We got these in the mail about a week ago. Although now we no longer need them since Cabo is not happening (I don’t want to talk about it).

o        Order grooms cake

o        Find Tyrone a shirt, tie and shoes.

o       Find tables and chairs Wedding Dreamer

o        Finish centerpieces – I am 80% finished with them.

o       Make and Send Out Invitations – This was a HUGE weight that has now been lifted.

o       Register for gifsts – we haven’t actually gone to the store yet to do this L We are hopefully doing this tomorrow. If anyone knows how to figure it out online that would be great. As computer literate as I think I am I can’t figure out how to add items to my registry online.

o       Buy Food & rest of Misc. items.

o       Make Cookies – we are serving black and white cookies (you know NY style) and I am going to make them. My mom thinks I am crazy and I’m pretty sure just the thought of doing it is stressing the hell out of her. It will be fine.

o       Marriage License - scheduled tomorrow morning.

o       Ty’s shoes – ordered and shipped

o       Favors – I’m toying with a few ideas.

o       Dye Hair – black, black, black baby!

o       Dry clean Ty’s suite

o       Make picture backdrop

o       Get ring cleaned

o       Get married!


little ms. sassy shelby said...

Look at you go champion! This list is coming right along. Stop stressing!

I got the invite and couldn't even wait to get in the door. I opened it in the middle of my driveway. I.LOVE.THEM! Absolutely perfect. Good job!

Angela S said...

Got your darling gift for the baby - thank you so much! AND we got your wedding invite too - I love it! So fun!

Brittany said...

You are awesome! I can't believe how much of this you are doing yourself! Amazing! Got the invite. Love it!

Anonymous said...

the comment about the cookies , yes i admit cooking does stress me out but as for you u r the cookie maker of the world and you need to mark off most of the list cuz its almost all done now yea!! my baby girl is gettin married oxxo lv ma