May 6, 2009


·        Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K Run May 9th. – 3 days left. I can’t wait; I had so much fun last year.

·        Unpack! – Almost finished with this. I need a few more shelves hung up and then we will be good. Although I am missing a box of pans which is stressing me out a bit.

·        Run a ½ marathon – Done!

·        Engagement pictures – I don’t know if we are going to do this. I’m scared we don’t have time because Ty is in Vernal all week.

·        Move – 10 days left.   Done! Thank you Mom, Dad, Pickle, Rae-Rae , Cherice, Dillon Colt , and Gabe for everything you did. You are all so awesome! J

·        Find boxes – Done. Thanks Mom Deb .

·        Find a place to live 

·        Find someone to marry us – We are having a long time family friend do this, Chaplin Green of the Utah County Jail. He is a great guy.

·         Set up pre-marital counseling with the Chaplin . – I know I initially didn’t want someone religiousy but I feel good now about having him doing it and going through a couple of courses with him. It will be good for us whether we like it or not.

·        Find ceremony venue – Done! We chose to get married by Utah Lake . I had my reservations about this but the spot we chose has been cleaned up and looks great. Also since we plan on having the ceremony as short and simple as possible I almost didn’t care where it was going to be. My energy has been focused on the reception. The place we chose is going to be by the Lindon boat harbor just about a half mile south. It’s the small sandy beach right off of the new bike trail. If anyone knows if that place has a name I would really appreciate you letting me know.

·        Get passports – Done. I just got a confirmation that they will be mailed out soon so that is cool.

·        Order grooms cake – Done!

·        Find Tyrone a shirt, tie and shoes. – Done! We found a shirt and tie at Express for men. They are the perfect colors. It pleases me so.

·        Find tables and chairs – Done! We decided to rent them from this little wedding shop in AF.

·        Finish centerpieces – I am 80% finished with them.

·        Make Invitations – I can finally finish these and get them sent out soon.

·        Register for gifsts – we decided to do this @ Target. It’s simple and easy. I need more stuff than I thought I did. I would really like to register at IKEA or Nordstroms and register for all clothing. That would be cool.

·        Make Cookies – we are serving black and white cookies (you know NY style) and I am going to make them. My mom thinks I am crazy and I’m pretty sure just the thought of doing it is stressing the hell out of her. It will be fine.

·        Marriage License

·        Get married – Can’t wait!


I am having fun making everything practically all on my own. Last night I finished my alternative guest book and a banner I am going to hang at the reception. We decided to get married @ 10am and the reception will be later that day from 6-8pm.

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Cherice and Dillon said...

ya you found a place!! i meant to ask you on sunday and then i forgot. so i decided i'm gonna come with you on your honeymoon. i have a bag that i can fit into and so you won't have to buy me a plane ticket. and if you need anymore help just let me know and i can fit you in my oh so busy schedule lol.