April 15, 2009


·        Run a ½ marathon – Done!

·        Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K Run May 9th. – I am sure I will walk most of this since I haven’t run since the ½ marathon.

·        Move – 10 days left.

·        Find boxes – Done. Thanks Mom Deb .

·        Pack! – This is moving along better than I thought.

·        Find a place to live – Done!!

·        Find someone to marry us – I am such a slacker I need to get on this. I have someone I just need to call but for some reason I don’t…why do I do these things?

·        Find ceremony venue – something canyon oriented that I don’t have to decorate. I have a few ideas to check out.

·        Get passports – Done. Now hopefully we get them on time.

·        Order grooms cake – Done!

·        Find Tyrone a shirt, tie and shoes.

·        Find tables and chairs

·        Finish centerpieces – I finally know how I am going to finish them I just need it to stop raining to do so.

·        Make Invitations – I am excited to do this but I need to wait till I have a ceremony venue.

·        Get married – Can’t wait!


I love how my list is getting longer and longer. You should see the list in my planner. I have decided to do pretty much everything that I can on my own for the wedding that includes the day of. I have a plan to get married in the morning with a few family members and friends and then have about 5-6 hours in between to set up for the reception which is going to be in my parents backyard because that is where we have ALL of our parties.

Sometimes I feel like by the time Wednesday is here and over with that the week is already over.


Time flies when you’re an adult. If I could live off of no sleep I would - at least for the time being.


Can I be 21 and living in my parent’s house again but hassle free this time?


Anonymous said...

what about all the food you r makin , put that on yur list xoox

Anonymous said...

If I get a paper that says I'm legally able to do so, can I perform the marraige?

The Strebels said...

Hey me and my sister are also doing the Susan G Komen Race.. we will be walking with Cooper.. Good luck with the run