April 13, 2009

This weekend was pretty cool

Finally I got to do wedding stuff with my mommy. We went to the thrift

 store and bought a bunch of old serving plates, glasses and what-not to use on 

the tables and for the food. We got some neat shit and plenty of it for only twenty

 bucks. Side notethe female cashier was coyly hitting on my mom. Hilary-Ass! We

also rummaged through this old shed in the backyard of my parent’s house and found a couple of cool items we are going to use as well. I love being able to recycle

things instead of buying all new stuff or borrowing some cheap wedding crap from someone.  


Saturday night was yet another S.T.T. practice. My socks were completely rocked off. They are doing so well. I am going to try and upload the video of them playing “Song 1” on my Facebook. So if we’re friends on there you can see it. I can’t promise I will get it up soon.


For those of you not familiar with S.T.T. and would like to know what it stands for it is short for Small Town Trap. Not to be confused with the counterfeit group Small Town Trapp with two “p”. The band consists of Spencer (Lead quitar & vocals), Lynn (Bass) & Tyrone (Drums). Stay tuned for tour dates and album release date.


Sunday was okay. We went to an Easter service at The Rock Church in Sandy with my family and after ate at Wendy ’s. After we ate they helped us move a few boxes to our new place. How sweet of them! Later that day we visited April , Jesse and the kids (Tyrone ’s sister).


Anonymous said...

Hype is good!

Jennikunz said...

STT is pretty bad ass...

Anonymous said...

hey the video of the SMT is really really good , so i think i am now there number one fan lol