April 6, 2009

Tears of Excitement!

So this is a picture of the gift that I received from Vinny from our Homemade Fun project. I can't even describe how RAD this gift is. Not only is the art on the front incredible but the fact that he had it signed by the band (Blue October). That's right ALL of them signed it.They were here recently for a show and they played an acoustic set at X96 for free that I could not make. I was devastated. Anyways, I honestly almost shed some tears when I opened it. Jenni was jumping out of her pants for me to see it. I love it. The back has the words of "The End." Superb Dark Lovely song.


Fucking static.


Anonymous said...

That's a relief! Hope it hangs, proudly, on the wall at your new place.

Jennikunz said...

I knoew you would love it!!!