April 8, 2009

Things are moving along...

Efing Finally!!

·      Run a ½ marathon – Done!

·      Moving – we have more than two weeks to move I am so happy about this.

·      Find boxes – Thanks to Ty’s mommy we have plenty now!

·      Pack! – Man oh man, do I hate this process. If I could just burn it all and start over I would.

·      Find a place to live – This is a big stress I can check off!!

·      Find someone to marry us – If anyone knows anyone who can do this that isn’t too religious-y that would be great. Please pass their info my way.

·      Find a ceremony site – I am two seconds away from doing it at the court house.

·      Get passports – we submitted our apps yesterday, efing WORD!!

·     Get married – Can’t wait! Us standing in line for the infamous passport photo



Cherice and Dillon said...

well at least you found a place to move to..where's it at?? i need a passport but probably won't be traveling out of the u.s. since dillon won't fly but i wanna feel cool just having one.

Brandy-son Zen Master Flash said...

We are moving one town north of where we are now.