April 15, 2009


·        Run a ½ marathon – Done!

·        Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K Run May 9th. – I am sure I will walk most of this since I haven’t run since the ½ marathon.

·        Move – 10 days left.

·        Find boxes – Done. Thanks Mom Deb .

·        Pack! – This is moving along better than I thought.

·        Find a place to live – Done!!

·        Find someone to marry us – I am such a slacker I need to get on this. I have someone I just need to call but for some reason I don’t…why do I do these things?

·        Find ceremony venue – something canyon oriented that I don’t have to decorate. I have a few ideas to check out.

·        Get passports – Done. Now hopefully we get them on time.

·        Order grooms cake – Done!

·        Find Tyrone a shirt, tie and shoes.

·        Find tables and chairs

·        Finish centerpieces – I finally know how I am going to finish them I just need it to stop raining to do so.

·        Make Invitations – I am excited to do this but I need to wait till I have a ceremony venue.

·        Get married – Can’t wait!


I love how my list is getting longer and longer. You should see the list in my planner. I have decided to do pretty much everything that I can on my own for the wedding that includes the day of. I have a plan to get married in the morning with a few family members and friends and then have about 5-6 hours in between to set up for the reception which is going to be in my parents backyard because that is where we have ALL of our parties.

Sometimes I feel like by the time Wednesday is here and over with that the week is already over.


Time flies when you’re an adult. If I could live off of no sleep I would - at least for the time being.


Can I be 21 and living in my parent’s house again but hassle free this time?

April 13, 2009

This weekend was pretty cool

Finally I got to do wedding stuff with my mommy. We went to the thrift

 store and bought a bunch of old serving plates, glasses and what-not to use on 

the tables and for the food. We got some neat shit and plenty of it for only twenty

 bucks. Side notethe female cashier was coyly hitting on my mom. Hilary-Ass! We

also rummaged through this old shed in the backyard of my parent’s house and found a couple of cool items we are going to use as well. I love being able to recycle

things instead of buying all new stuff or borrowing some cheap wedding crap from someone.  


Saturday night was yet another S.T.T. practice. My socks were completely rocked off. They are doing so well. I am going to try and upload the video of them playing “Song 1” on my Facebook. So if we’re friends on there you can see it. I can’t promise I will get it up soon.


For those of you not familiar with S.T.T. and would like to know what it stands for it is short for Small Town Trap. Not to be confused with the counterfeit group Small Town Trapp with two “p”. The band consists of Spencer (Lead quitar & vocals), Lynn (Bass) & Tyrone (Drums). Stay tuned for tour dates and album release date.


Sunday was okay. We went to an Easter service at The Rock Church in Sandy with my family and after ate at Wendy ’s. After we ate they helped us move a few boxes to our new place. How sweet of them! Later that day we visited April , Jesse and the kids (Tyrone ’s sister).

April 8, 2009

O.G. Comin' At'cha!

This morning at work I was in a hard-core gangsta mood. (I’m more of a gangsta nerd) Nothing better than some bass to get ya movin on a Monday morning!

Monday Morning playlist courtesy of theflashdance.com. This is a great new site I’ve stumbled upon lately. Check it out.

Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix) - Kid Cudi

I Got Bass - Busta Rhymes – (my fave right now)

Oscar - Cool Kids

Creator – Santogold – (my second fave)

Paper Planes – MIA

Everyone Nose (Remix) (Feat. CRS & Pusha T) - N.E.R.D.

Things are moving along...

Efing Finally!!

·      Run a ½ marathon – Done!

·      Moving – we have more than two weeks to move I am so happy about this.

·      Find boxes – Thanks to Ty’s mommy we have plenty now!

·      Pack! – Man oh man, do I hate this process. If I could just burn it all and start over I would.

·      Find a place to live – This is a big stress I can check off!!

·      Find someone to marry us – If anyone knows anyone who can do this that isn’t too religious-y that would be great. Please pass their info my way.

·      Find a ceremony site – I am two seconds away from doing it at the court house.

·      Get passports – we submitted our apps yesterday, efing WORD!!

·     Get married – Can’t wait! Us standing in line for the infamous passport photo


April 6, 2009

Are you doing your part?

Are you doing your part?

- by an environmental blasphemer

Yes. I prefer a private jet to get me from Salt Lake to Vegas when I must feed my gambling and porn addictions. Instead of supporting local business I shop at Walmart for ALL necessities because I just can’t get enough of the superior customer service. When asked, “Paper or Plastic?” I say plastic and ask if the nice elderly greeter at the entrance can lift my groceries to my car for me. I do too much to be bothered with the little things. I drive over the top of any Prius I see with my gas hogging monster truck that makes me feel like a bigger man. (No, I am no overcompensating for anything.) I drink 15 plastic bottles of water each day and recycle them by lining them up on the window seal with the window open so I can shoot each one with my 22 rifle and laugh as each one falls outside on to the children playing in the beautifully littered streets. Am I doing my part? Yes – for me. Leave me alone. I kick ass.


Wedding project preview.

Stressed yet? Yes!

Life changes are supposed to make you stronger…so they say. We have a lot going on in our lives at the moment and I’m trying not to cave under the pressure because I know that others are going through so much more than I am but I have to whine anyways.


  1. Run a ½ marathon – Done!
  2. Moving – we have to be out of our pretty apartment by April 28th L
  3. Find boxes – Thanks to Ty’s mommy we have plenty now!
  4. Pack! – Man oh man, do I hate this process. If I could just burn it all and start over I would.
  5. Find a place to live – I hate starting over and downsizing. Boo!
  6. Find someone to marry us – If anyone knows anyone who can do this that isn’t too religious-y that would be great. Please pass their info my way.
  7. Find a ceremony site – I am two seconds away from doing it at the court house.
  8. Get passports – does anyone else stress over this or is it just me?
  9. Get married – funny thing - this is the least of my worries.


Feel free to let me know how big of a baby I am being.

Tears of Excitement!

So this is a picture of the gift that I received from Vinny from our Homemade Fun project. I can't even describe how RAD this gift is. Not only is the art on the front incredible but the fact that he had it signed by the band (Blue October). That's right ALL of them signed it.They were here recently for a show and they played an acoustic set at X96 for free that I could not make. I was devastated. Anyways, I honestly almost shed some tears when I opened it. Jenni was jumping out of her pants for me to see it. I love it. The back has the words of "The End." Superb Dark Lovely song.


Fucking static.

Homemade Fun on a Roll

These pictures are from the Homemade Fun activity I started a few weeks back. I had so much fun making them and sending them in the mail with homemade cards. I had three I had to make gifts for. 
This is Shelby's gift. I made her pink hair pins. I made them out of silk tulle and feathers and just attached them on bobby pins. 
This is the front of Vinny's gift. I took the picture at my brother's wedding. I thought it was a great shot of him and his boys. They are both different version of him but Dyson is definitely the mini-Vinny (aint that right Jenni?). 
This is the back of the gift. I love the Kurt Cobain shot I found in a Spin magazine of him and his daughter. 
This is a picture of Jenni's gift. I also call her Star Girl (hence the star box) along with a few other nicknames she has collected over the years. 

I still have one more gift to make for Angela who just recently posted. I may need a lot of time for this one since my focus is going all about moving out of our place this month.