November 15, 2010

Ask Husband Anything!

we have a butt load of pictures like this on our computer because he likes to sit in front of the web cam and pull faces when he's all alone. it's funny finding them later

Tyrone doesn't know I'm doing this yet but he may soon. Or maybe I'll just ask him these questions in passing and post the answers inconspicuously. He doesn't read The Blog often but when he does he always comes back with some snide comments because that is just the way he rolls. On occasion he'll try to pull some authority man-thing (and I try not to laugh in his face) and tell me that I'm not allowed to post about him. He just can't help but make fun. Let me put it this way, not a damn thing is off limits as far as he is concerned. If his wife isn't I mean honestly, his poor mother isn't either as well as the handicapped and babies.

I saw this post on Angela's awesome blog and thought I would steal the idea. I didn't ask so I hope she doesn't immediately UNFOLLOW me now. Her site is Craving Cupcakes and if you haven't checked it out then you should do it now. Hopefully that link back will keep her around.

Do you have a question for Tyrone? Want to know what it’s like living with me? What’s it like being a drummer? How does he let his freak flag fly? (you may not want to dive into that) It’s all fair game, remember he doesn't know I'm doing this, so let’s do this! If I don't get enough questions there won't be a follow up post and how weird would that be? Let's not make this weird.


Angela said...

Of course I don't mind that you stole this idea! I stole it from someone else anyway :)

Here's my questions for Tyrone: How supportive are you of Brandy's blog/do you do anything to help her with it?

Would you ever consider starting a blog?

What's your favorite memory of a date that you've had with Brandy?

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I want to know the drummer question! (Is he currently in a band? If so, tell me more about that!)

I also want to know: had he died from carbon monoxide poisoning, would he come back as a ghost to haunt you, and if so, what are some of the things he would do?

Also, this one's for you - do you have any posts from when you guys got married? If so, I would love to read it!

Kristen said...

This is a great idea. I'd steal it too, but Nathan wouldn't play along.

Okay, here are my questions:
What are you favorite features Brandy? Least favorite?

What advice would you give to others with a significant other blogging?

Who is your favorite cartoon character (movie or TV)?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that black people can't swim?

Anonymous said...

I can effing swim Lynn.... THIS IS THE HUSBAND....LOL

Anonymous said...

ANGELA: I support brandy with everything she does... hmmm looks like I'm helping her with it right now answering questions that little sneaky wife of mine... not in a MILLION years.... but I change my mind on a second by second basis so who knows... Favorite memory of a date er whatever.... going on a miserable hike in the dark...(on the way down) to ask that beautiful woman to marry me. :)

Erin: YES i'm in a band... Small Town Trap with Lynn from the above and singer Spencer. Its really a good time... when we play... I would haunt the SHIT out of brandy if I HAD died from the CO poisoning.. I wasn't that fortunate though :P to Haunt her I would use tweezers and pull out all of her leg hairs one at a time because she wont let me do that now... ;) and I would whisper in her ear... settle down.... cuz she hates that.

Anonymous said...

Kristen: My favorite quality about my wife is her great butt.... least favorite.... her blogging about her husband...just kidding not sure on the dislikes.... maybe her junk hunting at the thrift store and filling our house up with the stuff. every time I come home I find some new trinket from the D.I. or Savers or Thrift town. (I LOVE YOU BRANDY)

Advice for significant other with blogging??... run RUN!! RUN FAR AND FAST!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristen my favorite cartoon character by far is Homer J.

Anonymous said...

Lynn: The also can play Bass guitar really well.... ASS!!! Bahahahaha...

mother-in-law said...

Ty what was the very first thought that ran threw your mind when you saw Brandy for the very first time in person?