November 23, 2010

Weekly Confessional

This is a rant/confession.

The big snow has finally fallen in UT. Now as much as I hate it I learn to deal with it for the next long, dark, wrist-cutting months. A lot of people who have grown up here hate it too and with that we get to hear everyone bitch about every time we get dumped on. I bitch, yes. But it's the ones who act surprised when it snows. "Like, OMG! Can you believe how much it snowed last night?"

Yes. We live in UT.

Have you never heard of the saying Greatest Snow on Earth - no? You were born here right? You're an adult who has driven and lived in this crap your entire life yet when it snows you act like God took a dump on your yard AND you have the audacity to be offended.

We had a good Fall this year. We actually had a Fall that lasted longer than a week; it was lovely. Now knowing that Winter usually follows Fall you would think that you would start to pull out the warmer clothes and accessories like gloves, scarves and boots. (Unless you're a Stepford Wife - you've been wearing UGGS all Summer long) Fall is sort of like the prepping season for Winter. It slowly begins to get colder in order to ease wimps like you into Winter. YOU KNOW IT'S COMING. STOP ACTING CAUGHT OFF GAURD WHEN IT SNOWS. BUY A FUCKING WINDOW SCRAPPER TOO!!! LEAVE WORK EARLY YOU IDIOT!! WATCH THE WEATHER ON YOUR FANCY SMART PHONE.

One more thing, could you FINALLY learn how to drive in the damn snow? It's not that hard you just have to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN! Pump your breaks! Do you know what I'm talking about? That means don't slam on your breaks when the roads are wet/slushy/snow-packed/icy. Follow those two rules and you will be fine unless a semi truck runs you off the road but let's face it if you're one of the slow ones I'm talking about you probably deserve it.


I'm getting ready to post the Ask Husband Anything answers but getting Tyrone to finalize his answers is a little difficult with as much as he works. It shouldn't be hard since he answered half of them in the comments and there wasn't a lot of questions to begin with (which is funny because it's the post with the most hits right now). I LOVE THE QUESTIONS WE DID GET. SERIOUSLY. If you still want to play you have time.

I have received one Guest Post so far and it's scheduled to make it's fantastic appearance on December 1st. It's a good one, I can't wait for you to read it. If you're still wanting to participate you have time. I'm thinking that I may have enough for about one a week for the month of December unless I get more - which is totally fine. If you would like to join the fun email me at

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Jennikunz said...

Totally bugging! I really dislike after it does snow EVERYONE and thier dog updates thier facebook status about it. "can you believe all this snow?" "looks like I'll be shoveling this morning" "It's so beautiful out today" "I'm so glad I get to stay in my warm bed with all the snow that dropped outside" TIMES like this... I start BLOCKING. It snows every year if you dont like it..... MOVE!