March 14, 2012

In My Brain

Today is one of those days where I wished I was Thelma or Louise and had the balls to drive off a cliff. Just being honest.

I do my best to stay out of political debates but the campaign so far this year has made that extremely hard. I've nearly exploded five dozen times already. I'm so glad Tyrone lets me vent to him. I was listening to some people in Mississippi and Alabama be interviewed about some things and I was left shocked & disgusted. My jaw is still dragging on the ground today. I. Can't. Even.

Which led me to the below thought:

As much as I complain and joke around about living in Utah I am actually really proud to live here. (I've said this before but it's nice to reaffirm every now and then) I love living in the gayest city in America. We use to be pretty behind the times but we really aren't when you look at things closely. I had a good conversation with a friend about this yesterday which led Tyrone and I to discuss it too and we both agree it's not so bad here. There will be issues with one thing or another in any place.

I'm thankful I had an open mother and grandmother when it came to sex and drugs. My mom was always open about that stuff and I stayed away from drugs for the most part and passed on many opportunities to get high when I was growing up. I even waited to have sex before I was married (the first time around OBVIOUSLY!) I've had to learn my own lessons the hard way, I'm not trying to say I was a perfect kid because that is in no way true or the point I'm trying to make. I'm just glad that there weren't many surprises if you know what I mean. Another thought about this is I understand now when mom told me to wait till I was married to have sex. I get it now. Especially when you're with your new husband and you come face-to-face with an ex that you've slept with before and he's with his new family. This is not a fun experience. I'd like to be all "mature" about it and say that it doesn't matter because Tyrone and I weren't together and it was a different life I lived before, blah, blah, blah but I can't. It's not fun and I hate that I've had to answer for stupid mistakes that I've made as much as I own each and every one of them.

On a lighter note....

I'm so incredibly excited for the release of Jack White's solo album. I heart him. "I eat sixteen saltine crackers then I lick my fingers."

I've started to struggle with my daily reading goal that I set for this year.

I'm oddly looking forward to St. Patrick's day this weekend. So glad it's on a Saturday this year.

I'm so lucky to have my husband become my best friend. Everyday we grow closer and closer. Even with all of the ridicule and mocking we do of each other, it has only bonded us.

Speaking of bonding, my SIL, Rachel, let me make a mold out of her torso to use as a body form that I'm making. I got to feel her up and afterwards we were left tipsy and satisfied. Well I was satisfied but I can't speak for her.

Yesterday was Fred's birthday and we bought him a fancy cupcake to eat. It was raspberry lemonade if you must know. He ate it all and even left the adorning raspberry that was on top for last. I didn't think he was going to eat the raspberry but he finally did. That didn't satisfy him though because he still begged me for mine when I was eating it.

Last night we got all caught up with The Walking Dead and I was freaking out at the ending. This Sunday's episode is going to be craaazy.


kendahl said...

This post is awesome. That is all.

Dillon and Cherice Snyder said...

i am obsessed with the walking dead. i am so sad that the season is almost over.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I agree that this post is awesome.

This was my favorite part: "I'm so lucky to have my husband become my best friend. Everyday we grow closer and closer. Even with all of the ridicule and mocking we do of each other, it has only bonded us."

I heart you guys so much!!

I gave up on Walking Dead while they were in the farmhouse and whats his name and the guy who shot the kid went to the school...I think I saw the episode after that and that was it. Should I give it another chance?

Anika said...

I forget all of the comments I wanted to mention after reading "walking dead". Dude. Dude.

I've missed stopping by here to see what's up ;). Glad to hear all sounds great with you!