June 20, 2012

In My Brain

After looking at my blog lately I realize I sort of lied (which I knew would happen) when I said that my posting would be infrequent and not as regular this Summer but then here I am posting like a mad woman. Have time off helped schedule some things for this week so it become true in the next few weeks or so. Who knows?

That M83 midnight city song makes me want to drive on the highway really, really fast which is funny because it's a pretty mellow jam.

I ate sun dried toemAHtoes recently and didn't gag.

I've been doing a lot of sewing and finally finished a shirt I made from scratch and with out a pattern. It turned out okay. It's not perfect but I'm still learning. I can almost sew a straight line now. I also made some accent pillows and restyled an old 80's wedding dress that I'm excited to wear.

I go in phases between staying caught up on Twitter (which in retrospect sounds completely ridiculous) and the blogs I follow. Some days I'd rather read tweets and some days I'd rather read blogs but I rarely do both unless I'm feeling extra ambitious. One of the reasons I deleted my Pinterest account I just can't add another thing to keep up on. Plus, they sort of bug me and I feel like it's become like FB in a weird way. I'd rather get my inspiration from the blogs that I read which sometimes is from the actual source anyways. I don't keep up on my tumblr blogs anymore either although I still like reading those. It's just too much and I feel overwhelmed when I go on Pinterest so I cut it out of my life in order to feel more sane. I kind of feel like Pinterest is the new popular chick in town who I instantly hate but feel pressured to pretend that I like her just to make it in life and I wonder to myself, "Why is this Bitch so popular? She's fake and self-centered and I just know those aren't her real boobs."

I've added more stuff to The Shop lately. I've slowly been adding things hear and there. I have these big plans to do all sorts of major updates but it never ends up the way I plan. I'm not a huge fan of my plans changing. I'm OK with change, I actually like it, but I need time to adjust to it sometimes more time than others.

I had all of last week off and it was lovely although I still suffered a bit of anxiety because I wasn't doing my "usual" routine. Don't get me wrong I did not prefer to be at work but I get mixed up inside when my routine is thrown off. As much as I like to sit on the couch doing nothing for hours I'm not always left feeling content doing it unless I'm sick.

On Fathers Day my parents had a big family party and made us all take this personality test to see what our "spirit animal" was or something completely different than that. Well it turns out I'm like a lion which is what my dad is and it's funny because I don't think we're really that much a like except for the cold-blooded and insensitive to others part. My second score was the golden retriever which perfectly describes my libra personality. I can be brutal and warm all at the same time.

I recently updated my usual playlist and it has left me very happy. I sometimes put off listening to new music or downloading songs I'm loving at the moment because I get caught up with my daily routine and forget and I hate the way it leaves me feeling. I love music it's a big part of my life and I need to be more proactive at keeping it that way. It's so sad to admit that as an adult. I never want to be that adult that is stuck in a rut with music.

Speaking of music, I've been thinking that Ty and I are in need of a show. I haven't stood in a group of sweaty people, jumping up and down and screaming in sync in quite awhile. It's therapy.

Peace out Beatrices!

Happy Wednesday! (my least favorite day of all)


Janet Bocciardi said...

Just the post title drew me in... : ) It is totally impossible to stay on top of all the SM and be creative. I go through phases too where I just want to paw through Pinterest and see what new images have appeared or maybe a recipe to try. I've never really "gotten" twitter so sadly I've automated most of my feed and rarely actually converse. Great post - always love a core dump. : )

kendahl said...

You are such a champ with the sewing. For real. I can't wait to see the wedding dress!

I know what you mean about Pinterest. I've been burned out lately and haven't been rolling through pins like I used to. I now just use it to pin things I want to remember, which is nice. I'm also way more updated on Twitter than before. Those things are probably correlated.

I need to go to a show, too. I wanted to do Warped Tour but forgot to actually ask anyone if they wanted to go, because I fail at life lately. Whatevs.

Anika said...

Wow, you can sew a straight line...so jealous. One day...

I still cant figure out why I am supposed to love Twitter...I suck at it and since I don't FB either have devoted a bit of time to Instagram which I like because it's mostly about photos... I just don't even start doing any of these things and then it's too late to start. I think I am okay with that. I have fallen out of needing to keep up with any of it really. It sometimes stresses me out and that makes me see even more how I need to stay away. Peace and happiness lead to sanity and that's my new thing I suppose...should I start a new group for people like me?? I'd have to think of a whole catchy name though and right now I am a bit too tired to add it to my priority list. Would "Party of One" work? P.O.O?? Haaaaahahahaha...

I like the changes you've been making on this blog...nice fonts and such ;)