June 15, 2012

DIY Neon Art + Mantle Update

I updated the mantle again because I can't ever just keep it one way. It's not a major overhaul I just gave it a little pick-me-up.

DIY neon art #1 - This is an old pic of us that I printed off in black & white on regular printer paper. I glued it on a small piece of teal painted cardboard and added the neon yellow triangles after the glue had dried.

DIY Neon art #2 - I painted another piece of cardboard neon yellow, wrapped some neon pink line around it and held it in place with some gold duct tape. It was too easy. The vintage hanging tine letter F is from this shop. It's really small only a couple of inches. I'm starting to collect letter F's now. I have a larger brass one as well but it didn't make it in time for this very important photo shoot.

#3 - don't ask - I pulled this one out of my ass and I'm not sure if it will stay like this

Heart Fart print & Merry Always Did Want to be a Unicorn print are from this shop by the talented Erin of Oh Honestly Erin.

The silk screened print of the boston head with antlers is from Stuff You'll Love.

 Blue vintage Ball jars were thrifted as well as the ceramic dog.


J said...

Ugh, those jars!! I'm so jealous they're sitting on your mantle and not mine!! Find more and sell them to me, please!?

kendahl said...

Yep, those jars are fabulous! I want some. And I love the entire mantle. I really want a mantle. And some prints from Erin. Okay, I want all of it.

jessemac said...

I love how all your things look together. Great objects and art. I liked looking back to the older arrangement you posted and seeing what you moved around.

Thank you so much for the kind comments on my posts.