July 1, 2012

Last Sunday

We had a BBQ for Ty last Sunday to celebrate his 31 years of breathing.
We had hot dogs & coleslaw and lots of soda. I even baked cupcakes.
We played with water toys and just sat around and chit-chatted in the blistering heat.
I wish I would have taken more pics of everyone that went but I was either sweating my balls off or running from my brother who was trying to drench me.
he's one of "those" people who wear a beanie when it's hot as shit out (?)

these two are precious 

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kendahl said...

It was hot as hell this weekend! I really love those straws. Did you find them locally or did you get them online? Everywhere I have found them wants both arms, part of my ass, and my firstborn child, for 25 straws.