July 19, 2012

In My Brain...

Life lately...


more STRESS!

Dark clouds and foggy-head days.

Wanting to be happy but struggling to find contentment.


We've had to make some really pride-swallowing decisions lately that I will dive into more later.

Both sides of my family have had some really annoying, tough, crazy and flat out childish issues occur and as much as we try to ignore them we can't.

Friends going through rough times that I wish I could fix for them.

Legit nightmares of this damn reunion coming up.

SPIDERS!! SPIDERS EVERYWHERE!!! (this is a funny story that deserves it's own post)

We went camping this past weekend for my dad's birthday. It was utterly exhausting, a bit fun, extremely wet and exhausting (worth repeating.) (I will write more on this too)

I have DIY posts to edit and post and shop pics to edit and post but I have NO desire to do either. It frustrates me to no end when I don't have the desire to do things that make me happy. I think that's called depression and I've fallen into the deep dark pit. It's beyond tough admitting that.

I will end on a positive note and say that even though camping wasn't my favorite I got to see my Aunt and her boys who are from California and whom/who I love so very much when I'm around them. This week Tyrone has been grilling the best hamburgers and last night we enjoyed one with our dear friend Gabe. Loving on Frederick's cute shmooshy face has given me tons of joy and nuzzling Tyrone's sexy arms and neck make me one of the happiest women in the world.


kendahl said...

Depression is a total bitch, for real. I hope you get feeling better soon! And I'm glad you got to see Cella. I haven't seen her since I was... 16? Sheesh.

Misty k said...

I read this, and hope all the blahs start going away for you soon. I have my own blahs right now. Is no fun. :/

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks to both of you! We'll get through this together ;(

Anika said...

I'm in it right now...exhausted and not feeling much oomph to do the things I enjoy...ahhhwell, ups and downs eh? I hope you re feeling better :)
Where in CA??